Rediscovering the "Original Nation"


Las matematicas de hoy son 'conocimiento y dios'. El grado en el alfabeto supremo es "Reina". Today's mathematics is 'knowledge God'. Today's degree in the Supreme Alphabet is "Queen".

Today, I would like to focus on a specific number, "17", and it's significance to us within the Nation of Gods and Earths. The first place in our lessons that we see this number is the 1-10 Student Enrollment, the 3rd degree, which states:

"What is the total population of the Original Nation of the Wilderness of North America and all over the planet Earth?

Answer: The total population of the Original Nation in the Wilderness of North America is 17 million, with 2 million being Indian, making it a total population of 19 million. And all over the planet Earth, 4 billion 400 million."

The number "17" corresponds with the "17 million" of African descent here in the U.S. during the time when the degree was written, 1934. The science behind this degree is in how the word 'original' is used in reference to 'nation'. Original in the context of our paradigm, means "of color" as well as "from the beginning", as in the "first peoples", indigenous peoples. It was a point to mention the distinct population of Native Americans to spark the conscious of the people and create solidarity. For as I have mentioned in previous blogs, the basis for Native and African peoples coming together is both political and cultural. However, it is often confused to be solely political, which limits our understanding of each other and ourselves, as well as our ability to continue to elevate to our highest state of consciousness and existence. We are brothers and sisters and are one people. We came together prior to colonialism, not just in the struggle and poverty of the urban jungle or chattel slavery. Thus, this is why we can see the term 'Original NATION' as referring to the coming together and existing together, of both peoples, building, "nation building". This is important to understand because a large population of so-called African Americans has Native blood and as most of us of so-called Latin Americans know African and Native blood is the majority of who we are. Despite the emphasis we were taught to place on Spain and our Spanish blood. So we can understand now, as well from the video I chose to post, that the merging of Native and African culture and people is not solely the result of slavery and is who we are, beyond Spanish interjection and inference. If anything they just furthered the reality, and of course through in their "two cents" (DNA). But they are not the anchor for who we are. We are the Original people on this part of the planet Earth, Nativos y Africanos, one people.

Many Native Americans, as well as so-called Latin Americans, have the misconception that the mixing of African and Indian is something that was primarily characteristic of the Carribean, South and Central America (to a degree) and the U.S. South, as the result of slavery. Research and studies have shown, from archeaology and anthropology, that Africans were travelling to the Americas and trading and building with the Native peoples way before the arrival of Columbus. Most supportive evidence has been found in Mexico, the Carribean and South America. However, much evidence shows and proves this in North America as well, especially from tribal stories handed down through the centuries. One of which was captured in the following video. Please watch and enjoy, and reconsider your history.

Peace! PAZ!

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