Paz y Bienvenidos

Paz y Bienvenidos !

Peace, and welcome to "Los Indios".
The purpose of this blog is to provide a cultural perspective and propagation of an all inclusive 'Pan-Indigenous' diaspora and movement. 'Pan-Indigenous' refers to those peoples of Native American and Latin American descent, who makes up this far reaching diaspora found throughout the world, namely the Americas. The specific cultural approach towards an understanding of this social, historical and biological phenomenon, is through the teachings and paradigm of the Nation of Gods and Earths, or 'Five Percenters'.

I am seeking to provide information and opinions and various topics and subjects of and related to the Original people of this part of the planet Earth. And as well, provide an alternative viewpoint for Native Americans and Latin Americans concerning on our history, present condition and future state of existence. I do not pretend to speak the voice of every Native American or Latin American brother and sister, at the most, 5%. I am a voice for the Nation of Gods and Earths, our founder Allah, and our understanding of our Native and so-called 'Latin' brothers and sisters. As I am both of the Pan-Indigenous diaspora and a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

I will that you enjoy the articles and essays to come and appreciate any and all constructive feedback.