Pow Wow In Pittsburgh: Beike & Taino Creation Stories

American Indians share their culture through Pow Wow

By Sandra Fischione Donovan for THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW

Miguel Sague of Verona is a member of the Taino tribe, the Caribbean Indians who greeted Christopher Columbus in 1492. So he has a ready jokeabout Columbus' arrival in the Bahamas, where he landed while searchingfor India.

"He was lost, and we found him," says Sague, a native of Santo Domingo,Cuba, and member of the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Centersince 1977.

While Columbus' voyages are known worldwide, information about the Taino tribe is not as readily available. But Sague will help familiarize people with his tribe Saturday and Sunday at the Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center's 30th annual Pow Wow in Indiana Township.

Sague will tell stories that are traditional to the Taino and other tribes. He will wear different costumes for each tribe, including the Senecas, who settled in this area, he says. Sague, medicine man for the council, will invoke the male spirit of life and energy, and the female spirit of Mother Earth and nurturing.

Sague's extended family also will participate in the Pow Wow, orcelebration. His sister, Rosa John, and her husband, Melvin John, of Alberta, Canada, will act as masters of ceremony. The Johns and members of their family will perform various dances as part of the Kehewin Native Performance Troupe of Canada.

Russell Simms, executive director of the center, says the Pow Wow is important for a variety of reasons.

"It's a place where Native American people gather in fellowship, make new friends, share our culture and have fun," Simms says. "Because of who we are and how we do things and view life, we do not have a problem with sharing portions of our life. We invite the public to take part.We're trying to encourage the general public to participate so they canlearn."

The Pow Wow will open each day with a grand entry featuring all native dancers. Among the entertainment will be drumming, Aztec dancers, a hoopdancer, and men's and women's fancy dances. Native American crafts will be featured, and vendors will sell Native American foods such as buffalo burgers, native chili, fry bread and corn on the cob. American fare like hot dogs and traditional hamburgers also will be available.

Proceeds from the Pow Wow will go toward the Council of Three Riverscenter, a United Way agency that promotes the socio-economic developmentof 8,000 to 10,000 American Indians in the Pittsburgh area.

The center operates a Head Start program, a child learning center, afoster and adoption program, an elder program and employment centers inthree states and the District of Columbia, among others. Some of itsprograms are open to people from non-Indian backgrounds.


Council of Three Rivers 30th Annual Pow Wow

Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center's

Will Be Held On: September 27th and 28th
Noon to 7:00 p.m. (rain or shine)
Donations: Adults-$6.00, Elders & Children Under 12-$4.00
120 Charles Street, Dorseyville, PA 15238-1027
412-782-4457 or www.cotraic.org

Singing, Drumming, Dancing, Arts, Crafts
Demonstrations & Native Foods
No drugs or alcohol allowed!

Special Features Include:
The Aztec Dancers from Mexico, Hoop Dancer,
Dramatized Legend “The Eagle’s Gift”

Taino Music & Dance Dramatization of the Legends
“How the Ocean Came to Be” and “Turtle Mother”

And more...

For more information please contact: powwowies1@hotmail.com

Quilombo: Self Savior and Slave Revolts

Paz! Peace! Tau!

El grado en el supremo alfabeto es 'salvador es un mismo'.

So often when learning about our history do we place emphasis on slavery, both mental and physical. The effects of it have been documented and the rammifications of it are undeniably seen in the ways and actions of the people. Not only did it do so much in the stripping away of our identity, it also served as an incubator for many elements of African and Indian culture, to be nurtured into other displays of dignity and identity. So much is made of the eventual conquest of our people and so little is mentioned of the uprisings and rebellions. It should be no surprise to understand that such events would no doubt serve as the seeds to usher in further rebellion and restlessness in the people. The oppressor has subsequently worked hard at the propaganda for their campaign against us, for the last 516 years and miseducation has been a major pipeline for the dispersal of lies and 'his-story'. Another important factor in the silencing of the resistance movements against colonialism has been to instill in us a sense of being docile, of being naturally 'unable' to even conceive of revolting against our oppressor. This is especially true when discussing the history of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and the false identity painted for us by the likes of various politicians and elitists throughout the last 110 years.

One thing that has also been in the forefront of our agenda was 'saving of selves'. Self-preservation is the first law of nature and a mechanism inherent in all creatures. However, in order to make someone think that you have complete control over them, you have to get them to the point where they think they have no power over themselves. You make them think they are incapable of relieving themselves from harsh conditions with the intent of lodging into the brains of their generations to come, the assumed inevitably of their servitude.

The reality is far from what we are cordially given. Indians and Africans frequently rose up against the colonizers and planned escapes into the deep forests and jungles of Amekikia- North, Central and South. In the Caribbean, these 'runaways' were called 'maroons'. They fled to the hills, mountains, jungles and caves to live a life of freedom and harmony. Many of these settlements or 'quilombos' flourished for years and waging multiple battles against the Europeans. As William Lorenz Katz points out in his article entitled, "Africans and Indians- Only in America":

Centuries before the Declaration of Independence talked of natural rights and sanctioned rebellion against tyranny, African-Indian alliances acted on these concepts as they pursued their American dream in the mountains beyond the white settlements dotting the coastline. In 1537 Viceroy Mendoza of Mexico, lamenting an insurrection by Africans, admitted, "the Indians are with them." As slave revolts rocked the new European outposts in the Americas, they also enjoyed Native American support.

In hard-to-reach backwaters of the Americas, two people of color people began to build their own "maroon" colonies. Some were outlaw bands, raiders who preyed on whites, slaves and Indians alike, and lived a short, brutish life. But other maroons depended on family farming and herding and built peaceful relations and trade with Indian villages, slaves, and former masters.

European officials judged maroons, in the words of a French historian, "the gangrene of colonial society." Their success as independent economic societies refuted white claims of African inferiority. Each day Maroons proved once slaves wrenched free they could govern themselves and prosper. Further, maroon encampments served as beacons for discontented slaves in a radius of a hundred miles, and stood as a clear and present danger to the European conquest. Some whites saw maroons as a knife pressed against the thin line of their rule, and they had a point.

In a clockwork of military and legal reflexes, European authorities sought to eradicate Black Indian contacts and pit Red against Black. In l523 a Royal Order to Hernando Cortez banned Africans from Indian villages. "Division of the races is an indispensable [control] element," said a Spanish officer. "Between the races we cannot dig too deep a gulf," announced a French official.

Well-trained European armies ordered to crush maroon colonies met their match in distant mountains and jungles. "[Maroon] self-respect grows because of the fear whites have of them," a white Brazilian wrote to King Joao of Portugal in l719. Maroon songs resonated with victorious pride:

Black man rejoice. White man won't come here.
And if he does, the Devil will take him off.
(from- http://www.williamlkatz.com/Essays/History/AfricansIndians.php)

One of the most famous was called Palmares, in Brazil. By the 1690's , the population of Palmares was around 20,000. There was a movie produced in 1984 called "Quilombo" that goes into the details of the struggle against slavery in Brazil, by are enslaved brothers and sisters there. It in many ways can be likened to a South American version of Alexis Haley's "Roots" saga. Please check out the following clip:

Fast forward to the here and the now. What you see is the government taking the necessary steps to dismantle what could be precieved as modern-day 'quilombos'.

Through 'genetrification', we see the battle against crime and poverty by the reinvestment and redevelopment of previous undesirable lands, lands we were forced to reside within. And being very well aware that the power resides within the people to change their own conditions, the government is dismantling the once communities of color and attempting to break the bond that fo so long allowed brothers and sisters living next to each other had, the common denominator of 'struggle'. The oppressor also knows and understands that power is in numbers and by dispersing our communities they quell even the 'potential' for uprising.

To be the savior of one's self we most be self-sufficient...

Protect and Preserve Community! Only the 'hood can save the 'hood!


"Renewing History" and the 2012 Prophecy

Peace! Tau!

In a time of turmoil and destruction on the planet, many people think it is the end of the world. For years Europeans have clung to the Bible for interpretations of events in time, especially the future. They have also held a special place in their paranoia for the predications of Nostradamus. What they and others have failed to understand is the predicating the future is a matter of forecasting events based on the NOW. The events, and behaviors of beings on the planet that usher in these events and conditions, can be analyzed, assessed and understood through general sociological, psychological and anthropological frameworks. History is made based upon these predications, take for instance the actual price of oil and what determines it. It is then that history has been predicted by the 'wisest' amongst us. This is understood within the Nation of Gods and Earths- that 'now' is the past, present and future. Yet, in their search of religious and spiritual understanding and fervor, modern 'new agees' have pointed their fingers at the Mayan cosmology and the 2012 prophecy as the latest fix in figuring out the fate of humanity.

Unfortunately, because of this, many scholars, scientists and of course, politicians, have dismissed the Mayan prophecy as amongst the usual cultural folk-tales of the pre-Columbian world. When the reality is that the Popol Vuh and Mayan cosmology has some scientific basis for us to understand ourselves and the universe. The idea of a cyclical period of time coming to an end and ultimately renewing is not new and surely isn't limited to the Quiche Maya.

The Popol Vuh is a wonderful work on Indigenous literature. The Mayan credit the founding of there cosmology and culture with Votan. Votan is mentioned in the Popol Vuh and is sometmimes referred as "an old black God". Votan is said to have arrived from the East, across the Ocean wearing a robe, as well was his followers. He is known as a 'magician' of time, because of his understanding of mathematics and numbers, as a 'language' for understandingman's relationship to the cosmos and vice versa. He is said to have made the statement "All is number. Hunab K'u (God) is a number. Hunab k'u is in All." This is an interesting way to express the Maya's understanding that we are interconnected with each other and the universe. All of life is structured by the same basic, re-occurring mathematical patterns. Thus, the Mayan civilization and cosmology is based on their extensive understanding of mathematics and in particular the movement of celestial bodies which they base their calender on. They had two calenders which they used, the Long count and the Short count. The Short count was based on 260 days and the Long count calender on 360 days. It was through these calenders that the Mayan calculated time in accordance with the movement of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Votan supposed taught them about the science of time and "ages", cycles of time lasting 26,000 years. Sumerians, Tibetans, Egyptians, Cherokees, Hopi, and Mayans all refer to this same 26,000 year cycle in their cosmologies.

"Who wrote the Holy Qu'ran or Bible? How long ago? And will you tell us, why does Islam renew it's history every 25,000 years?"

The Holy Qu'ran or Bible is made by the Original man, who is Allah, the supreme being, blackman of Asia. The Holy Qu'ran will expire in the year 25,000, 9,080 years from the date of this writing. The Nation of Islam is all wise, right and exact. Planet Earth's, which is the home of Islam, circumference is approximately 25,000 miles, so the wise man of the East (the blackman) makes his history or Qu'ran equal to his home cricumference, 1 year to every mile. Thus everytime it lasts for 25,000 years, he renews it for another 25,000."

This above question and answer is the first degree in a set of lessons referred to as the 1-40, within the Nation of Gods and Earths. The lessons we study are sets of questions and answers between Fard Muhammad and his student Elijah Muahmmad. They are shared by the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths and for us, serve as a general body of information from whcih we extract a clearer understanding about life from. As one can see, Fard and Elijah were familiar with the plantery phenomena known as the 'procession of the equinoxes', which is the 'wobbling' of the Earth, making the Sun appear (except to the naked eye) as if it is making a revolution or full circle in space. It takes the Earth in actuality 25,800 to 26,000 years to complete one 'wobble'. This movement was very significant to our ancestors and their understanding of the Sun and Earth's relationship, as it pertained to their calender and events on the planet. Let us recall that the 'Sun and moon have attracting powers on our planet' (8th degree, 1-40) and affect not only the magnetic field around the planet but also the life existing within it. The electromagnetic relationship of the Sun with the Earth varied at different points of the year due to the position of each celestial body. The Sun and Moon both have attracting powers on the water on the Earth's surface and in vary mouch the same way, affect the water in our bodies. This is what supposed brings about the distinct characteristics of people born at different times of the year and the 'zodiac' figures that represent those times. The Mayan had there own 'zodiac' and it played such an important role in their daily lives. "A person's date of birth also had enormous significance: it determined the course of the rest of his or her life, including name and career.." states Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell in their book "The Mayan Prophecies."

Elijah Muhammad referred to this 25,000-26,000 year calender as the "Asiatic calender". The above mentioned degree was compiled in 1934. As we renew the history and further investigate the subject at hand, we find that Elijah, basing his understanding obviously on pre-existing conceptions of history and time, projected the end of this time period to be "9,080 years from that date of this writing", which would have at that time, being the Asiatic year 15,020. However, 9,080 years would only take history to the date of year 24,100. Providing the missing 900 years (thus making the calculation 9,980 years) would take us to the year 25,000 which would be the Gregorian year "11,914". This is a huge gap. And as I've said, through further investigation, studying, & learning we come to find out that the Original man- whether Votan himself or the Mayans (Natives) who supposedly travelled from the East, or the people Votan travelled away from, calculated the most accurate calender regarding the movement of the Sun and Earth. Let us be mindful that the Gregorian calender actually has daylight savings time and leap years to allow it to function because it is not aligned with the celestial bodies. Especially now, time as Western scientist's have determined is based on the number of vibrations of a Cesium atom (measured with an 'atomic clock').

So what does all this mean? It means that Elijah Muhammad was 'right' although not 'exact' because the Mayan astronomers (wise men) calculated this time of renewal as December 22, 2012 in the Gregorian calender. Likewise, it means that more credence must be lent to the Mayan prophecies and approached more seriously. It also means that the various religious books of the world hold 'some' truths as it regards man's recording of events and their relationship to the world as they knew it. Whether it be the Bible, Qu'ran, Popol Vuh or Rig Vedas. These books were authored by man, the Original man, and divinely inspired only so far as being a manifestation of man's divine intelligence. For the wisest amongst us have always been able to take a look at our history, to understanding the present, and tell of what 'could' come of the future. Remember, as we authored the book, through our awareness and activity, we have the power and ability to re-write it. This ultimately was Votan's message. As the ending of this age, means more so an end of the old world and way of thinking (which got us into the situation that exists on the planet) rather than the 'end of the world' as religious fanatics and pseudo-spiritualist believe. The Mayans refer to this as the end of the 'age of God' or, the 'end of religion' if we look further into it. And as Allah taught us within the Nation of Gods and Earths, we got to "kill all religion". For it is religion that has allowed the people to succumb to mental death and power and flung Nation against Nation in warfare. Now is the time for us to truly 'wisdom our equality' (26) and apply more balance to ourselves, the planet and ultimately the universe . 2+6= 8, which is Supreme Mathematics is "build and destroy", today's mathematics. So it is through the end of this age do we continue to build and add on for a better tommorrow or be destroyed by our own devilishment. GOD= G(7)+O(15)+D(4)= 26 and 2+6=8. So the Original man (black, brown(red) and yellow), who is Allah (GOD) or Hunab K'u, will ultimately determine the construction of a new world and the destruction of the old.


A Plus degree: Making the lessons applicable to this day and time....

"Who wrote the Popol Vuh or 'The Community Book'? How long ago? And will you tell us, why does mathematics renew it's history every 26,000 years?"

The Popol Vuh or 'The Community Book' was made by the Original man named Votan, who is Allah (Hunab K'u), the supreme being, blackman of Asia. The Popol Vuh or 'The Community Book' will expire in the year 26,000, 4 years and 3 months from the date of this writing. The Nation of Gods and Earths is all wise, right and exact. Planet Earth's, which is the home of Islam, circumference is approximately 25,000 miles, so the wise man of the East (the blackman) makes his history or 'Popol Vuh' equal to his home circumference, 1 year to every mile. Thus everytime it lasts for 26,000 years, he adds on and renews it for another 26,000."


A 'Taino' Documentary

I found a documentary about nuestra gente, the Tainos. The documentary looks into the history of the Taino people and examines, to a degree, the resurgence in Taino identity in the Caribbean community. While the scientist seems rather skeptical to admit validation of a true modern Taino identity (probably because of the standard set forth by the department heads of his particular, who cut his check) he does brings about a some worth noting- that the Spanish brought Indigenous slaves from other Islands and places around the Caribbean. This means that someone may be from Puerto Rico, Cuba or Jamaica, etc., and have Indigenous blood, but not Taino blood. Especially later, as the French began transporting Native slaves from the Great Lakes area to the Caribbean to sell. It is a shame that, as author Vine Deloria J.R. used to speak on, we allow Western science to be used against us in the same manner as Western religion. We tend to accept things from various fields of science without ever really questioning the motives and agenda of the institutions themselves. The 'lie' is in how scientist claim to approach their research with so much unbiased when in reality they are financed by governments, universities and areas of the private sector to do their work in the first place.

"He likes the Devil because the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy."- 8th degree, English C. Lesson No. 1

We have been lied to since the earliest age and throughout our lives through the educational institutions, government agencies and media that sought to assume their paternalistic role over us. We were told that the 'Indians' were extinct and taken through a wicked maze of blood quantum propaganda. And generations of children have thus perpetuated myths about our identity, in fear of retribution from our oppressor. However, Amekikia is awakening and the Wilderness of ignorance that stifles our peoples road to peace and happiness will clear. As the light of knowledge is shown on the path of the those who seek it.