The Great Sun and the Pyramids of North America

Paz! Tau!

Here are two videos that I wanted to share. The give some information and insight to the truth about our people, the Original people on this part of the planet Earth. Through exploitation and lies we were made to appear as "savages" and as simply running around in loin cloth, living in tee pees and hunting buffalo when the Europeans arrived. Some tribes maybe. However overall we were building. For the Earth is to be built on. As well, we often just associate "pyramids" in America with the Mexica (Aztec) and Mayan civilizations. However, pyramids were and are being found all over the wilderness of North and South America (Abya Yala). The first video is about the city of Cahokia and the pyramid city of the Mississippi. the second video is about the pyramids in Georgia. More to be revealed.


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