In the Name of

(Displayed is a painting of ALLAH, the founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths, commonly referred to as the "Five Percenters". It is tradition that male members add on the name "Allah" as a surname or family name to compliment their righteous name (a quality, characteristic or attribute of GOD). Female members take on the surname "Earth" with a name that reflect attributes of the planet)

con permisso......

As I attempt to not disrespect anyone, I was disrespected today in the most unlikely of ways. Yet, as I recollect back on the incident, it's doesn't surprise me. It further proves and illustrates the depth that colonialism and the devil's civilization reach in the human conscious.
I spoke with an elder today regarding 'official' Taino enrollment. He walked me through some of the history and identified the tribe's goals in this day and time. He explained the as "Taino" we embrace each other as family, as a Nation of people. Which means there is no seperation of identity based on one's personal religion and that they do not recognize the U.S. government's stipulation on the North American tribes. Anyone with Taino blood is 'Taino'.

After offering to send me more information, I was taken a back by his scrutiny of my 'name' of all things. Remarking that my name is a chosen name that I acquired upon becoming a member of the Five Percenters, the Nation of Gods and Earths, he proceeded to politely berate me. He made a statement that changing one's name was 'not commendable' because it's one's link to their past. And how would my children be able to trace their lineage back if something happened to me. I held back, something I seldom do, for not wanting to disrespect a 65 year old man Puerto Rican man, for disrespecting me. He commented that my name didn't sound 'Taino'. As if 'he' and everyone else was born with a Taino name. And furthermore, has the audacity to continue expressing his dissatification when I revealed that I legally changed my name.

After the conservation, I could not help but replay his contradictions in my head over and over again. I was inquiring about official enrollment for the sake of my children and them being able to connect with that aspect of who they are. Yet, this 'chief' was criticizing "me" for not keeping a "Spanish" surname? So the Spanish surname is how you trace your identity now? All the way to Spain huh? Did he not know that many religions/spiritual movements etc encourage the taking on of a new name? Of course, I was speaking with a 65 year old Puerto Rican man, with remnants of an 'old world' mentality. Obviously, he had no knowledge of the Nation of Gods and Earths (which he didn't) and who we are....

First and foremost, I come "in the name of Allah". And that is something that will not change for ANYONE. In addition, if one is accepting of all religions and faiths etc (even though we are not a religion), one should also be ready as well to accept the practices that come with them if one is truly striving to embrace everyone.

My children will be able to trace their history back to me because they come from me and through their mother. Lest we not forget....the Original man, the Asiatic blackman (all men of color) with the knowledge of self is GOD. I recognize no authority higher than my own consciousness. Don't get it twisted hermano! Attaching ones' self to a racial grouping is not the end all to be all in the resurrection of one's identity. It is not the summit on Mt. Everest for those seeking enlightenment. Allah, the Father and founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths, took us away from all that. He did away with religion and seperatism amongst the Original people. Allah is one and he showed forth that we were one. The full manifestation of my reality is in my being GOD. I am the Original man. Indeed, I have Taino y Africano with some 'conquistadore' en mi sangre.....however, there is NO SEPERATION between me and my Asian, East Indian, Kory/Aborigine, African, Middle Eastern and Polynesian brothers and sisters. Even for those of European descent, as long as the live Allah's Mathematics, and strive to live righteously, they are my brothers and sisters (in the context of the human families). To me, tribal registration is just an 'add on'. Damn near 80-85 percent of so-called Latin America is technically 'Indigenous" and aren't and will never be registered. Does this mean they aren't who their blood and history says they are? It's too often that people become so immersed in what it is that they "do", that they lose sight of others. I didn't just "wake up" and yearn to reclaim my history. I reclaimed that through becoming one of Allah's true and living suns. The Nation (Gods and Earths) was the gateway through which I ultimately became orientated to my "Indian" identity, not to mention, gave me the tools I needed to save my own life. I knew I would be dead by 21. You don't know my history. Guess what? I'm 25 now and it's not because I called to the ancestors or danced at an areyto. It was due to Allah's Mathematics of which I have been teaching for the last 10 years of my life.

Which reminds me of back when a brother from the Nation of Islam invited me down to the mosque to get my "X", assuming that as a "Five Percenter" I didn't have my shit together. To which I replied, "I'm not unknown brother. I know who I am. I am Sha-king Cehum Allah".

To learn more about the Nation of Gods and Earths:
There is also a great book that was just released entitled: "The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip Hop and the Gods of New York" by Michael Muhammad Knight, which includes very detailed history of our NATION.


Indigenismo and Reversed Racism

This article highlights what "Pudgy Indian" stated in regards to the reversal of the racist perspective. Using certain terms or even actions and being charged with the same accusation that they were guilty of employing agianst us. Similar to when the slave on the plantation or encomienda rose up against his oppressor in violence. One can not call this "reverse racism". It is the oppressed freeing himself from under the yoke of bondage. Of course, the oppressors and his agents would remark of what audacity we have to think we could even do such a thing. Another good example is 'western science' and it's claim that "race does not exist" so conveniently after all these years. I often parallel this with the Jesus argument, that when faced with the question, most Christians would reply that is doesn't matter what color he was. To them I reply, well it sure did all of these years, and especially during chattel slavery when it was regularly enforced and even placed as a mandatory requirement to be met if 'negroes' were going to teach the 'word' to other 'negroes'. It is a psychological mechanism in place to attempt to prevent retaliation and uprising. They alter the perspective in order to blur reality.

On the verge of a racial revenge?
by Pablo Stefanoni; Bolivia Rising ; June 24, 2007

Ever since the inauguration of Evo Morales, the right wing have begun to raise the spectre of a "racial revenge", supposedly promoted by the new government. Even Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa - who never loses an opportunity to attack "populisms", both real and imaginary - wrote about the "demagogy" and "racism" of the Bolivian president. This "indigenous messianism", together with the "totalitarianism" of Hugo Chavez, was putting democracy and the state of law at risk in Latin America. Alvaro Vargas Llosa, the son of the author of La ciudad y los perros [The city and dogs], went as far as dividing the Latin American left into "vegetarians" (Lula, Bachelet) and "carnivores" (Chavez and Evo). Some local journalists and analysts have run a similar line, denouncing the "reverse racism" emanating from the new indigenous and campesino elites.

This debate went beyond limits of absurdity during a televised discussion on PAT. Without flinching, Juan Claudio Lechín and Roberto Barbery, whilst speaking about the undemocratic character of the new government, tried to demonstrate, using an academic tone, that Evo Morales and the national socialism of Adolf Hitler both articulated in a similar way ethnic superiority (in this case Quechua-Aymara), corporativism, and charismatic leadership. The antidote to ending up with similar consequences was to recognise that, in the end, "in Bolivia, we are all mestizo[mixed blood]" and should therefore abandon this indigenist adventure.

But is any of this true: is the Evo's government and indigenist government? Do they really exclude white-mestizos via an inverted segregation? Do the indigenous people act like the criollo [local-born white] elites did throughout the republican history?

The problems of "race" (a concept today discredited in social sciences), culture and mestizaje have accompanied Bolivia throughout all its history - like a permanent anguish - as well as the divergent visions through time, as corollaries of the hegemonic theories at the international level. If the positivists of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th - such as Alcides Arguedas, author of Pueblo enfermo [Sick people] - considered racial hybrids to be a kind of curse over Bolivian society, mestizaje - disassociated from an effective decolonialisation - came to be, for the Bolivian nationalism of the '40s and '50s, the precondition sine qua non for the construction of a truly Bolivian nation. By the '90s, the Bolivian political and economic elites had appropriated the multiculturalist discourse promoted by multilateral loans organisations, the United Nations and non-government organisations (NGOs), having integrated it with the neoliberal postulates in vogue at the time (multiculturalism + free market).

Nevertheless, all these attempts to construct a "true" nation failed, whether through biological extinction of Indians, or through ethno-cultural homogenisation promoted by the state or by means of partial recognition of diversity, without eliminating the material or imagined structures of internal colonialism. Today we are witnessing a novel recuperation of the term "Indian" as a cohesive element for a broad popular and national identity, that articulates various memories: a long memory (anti-colonial), an intermediary memory (revolutionary nationalist) and a short memory (anti-neoliberal).The Movement Towards Socialism and the leadership of Evo Morales emerged through the construction of this indigenised nationalism.Faced with this, the elites have once again raised the flag of mestizaje as Bolivia's reason for being. But if in the '50s, mestizaje was conceived of within an anti-oligarchic and transformative discourse, today it has a defensive and conservative character - in front of the displacement, sometimes more illusory than real, of the middle classes from public posts, a principal space for its reproduction - and foreign to the egalitarian sense that came along with the idea of constructing a shared project for the country. The urban middle and educated sectors who today proclaim that "we are all mestizos" seem to forget that in Bolivia there exists both "white mestizos" and "indian mestizos" or , expressed in a more modern terminology, "criollo-mestizos" and "cholos".

In this context, Evo Morales expresses the sentiments of these "indian mestizos", who continue to be discriminated against and excluded from "legitimate" spaces of social life, and segregated into the periphery of the cities or the slopes of the hills, considered to be "dangerous neighbourhoods". Nevertheless, one should not lose sight of the fact that this indigenous mestizaje, far from promoting a "return to ancestral times", is inserted into the processes of modernisation, urbanisation, social differentiation, capital accumulation (fundamentally mercantile) and cultural hybridisation: today the majority of Bolivians (60%) live in the cities, despite the fact that they have not completely broken with rural life (many maintain their land), nor Aymara or Quechua culture. The fact that Indigenous hip hop is expanding in El Alto, a city where 82% of the population self-identifies as indigenous, speaks volumes of this complex articulation between the local and the global.

Despite the fact that in Bolivia "we are all mestizos", the whiteness of skin colour, dress, economic and cultural practices and the origins of one's surnames continue to constitute very real boundaries in the construction of social imagery and mechanisms of domination, today eroded - but not eliminated - by this indigenous political eruption and the arrival to power of MAS. All this poses a number of questions. Amongst them: How much does the proposal of indigenous autonomies take into consideration these diffuse boundaries between indigenous and mestizo? Is the proposal for autonomy - generally a demand raised by minorities, but in this case, by an indigenous majority - correct? Is there a need to make indigenous peoples autonomous or to indianise the state?

The Chapare, where Evo Morales migrated to with his family and began his trade union and political career, is one expressions of this cultural indigenous mestizaje. We can add to this the political mestizaje between campesino unions - consolidated in the '50s in the image of, and similar to, workers' unions - and communitarian traditions. The current president was formed politically in the coca grower unions and his indigenist revendication appears more like Nelson Mandela's denouncement of apartheid - a demand of inclusion, recognition and possibilities to access power by a national majority segregated for ethnic reasons - that the revendication of a return to the ayllu.

On the other hand, the ethno-cultural reaffirmation that Evo Morales has promoted, traverses through the union culture's own pragmatism and an energetic anti-imperialist position, whose material base was the struggle between campesinos and the police forces and military who attempted to eradicate the coca leaf with US support. To capture this double ideological dimension - articulation of the national-popular with the ethno-cultural, and with ruptures and continuities with the past - is the reason why we talk about MAS as a new "indigenous nationalism", removed from the "communitarianist" romanticism of the NGOs and the illusory "mestizaje" of the illustrated middle classes.

-Translated from La Epoca by http://www.znet.org/



-Peace! I would like to thank you 'Pudgy Indian' for posting the following blog. Praises Due! Speak the truth brother.... There is no more place for fear.....

"If the truth don't stop them, nothing will.."- Allah, The Father, founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths (5% Nation)

No Mirrors, Please, I Know I'm Already Beautiful

"I talked with a friend recently whose dad is a Vietnam Vet. She told me that she believes the end of the war was the worst because military folks were given free reign to behave however they wanted. Many body parts were taken as war trophies off of our troops victims.

The term Redskins, as many of you know, was coined during the 1600's when bounty was collected from killing Indians and skin was peeled from their backs and tanned. It had a red tint to it, thus the name Redskins. During these good old days, Indian scrotums were used for tobacco pouches, scalps for bounties and decorations, labia for saddle horn and had decorations, skin for reins and razor straps, etc.

The more I think of Sherman Alexie's new book, "Flight," the less I like it. In it, he describes how, at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the Indians were mutilating the soldiers after the battle. His character was disgusted by it, but Sherman gave absolutely no context. He made no mention of how the wonderful white folks treated Indians. How Indians knew their survival as a distinct group was on the line because the white folks wanted to slaughter every last one of us. How the white folks wanted to slaughter every last Indian so wealthy white folks could make more money.

My whole life, I have faced racism. Some overt, but mostly institutional. I, as an Indian, am supposed to fit in a certain type of box which is usually one of two major categories: an alcoholic, or entertainment for white folks. Since I am neither of these things, and since I stand up to the white society that tries to narrowly define my humanity through my race, and since I call folks on this style of racism, I make a lot of people, "uncomfortable." I beat on whitey with my words because what they do to me and so many others, not just Indians, is wrong.

However, since I call whitey: whitey, cracker, and peckerwood, whitey starts calling Me or whatever person of color calls them out, the racists. Since we've become the racists, they consider themselves to no longer be the racists and no longer have to examine their ideals of race, supremacy, privilege, etc. They use this (and many other things) to justify their behavior without examination.

Like with the horrific mutilations, racism doesn't stop. Bounties take different form in the wars currently going on. People on the defense, desiring survival in any form are instantly demonized for whatever they do, and white folks no longer have to examine their own behavior because since their victims are doing it for survival's sake, in their minds, it justifies their behavior. No examination is necessary.

This nation has a horrific history. Genocide of Indians. Subjegation of the poor. Systematic abuse and oppression of women. Child labor practices. Poor health care. Brutal apartheid of blacks. Wage slave labor of Chinese and Irish. Colonization. Occupation. Racism. Sexism. The list goes on and on, and oddly, all of this horrific SHIT has a name...Freedom!"



The Alamo part 2: Plan Colombia and the "New" Mexico

Once upon a time, modern day Mexico was called "Nueva Espana" and if the Bush regime has their way, we will be calling it "Nueva America" or something similar. Or they may sell the whole country to major corporations who end up turning it into a giant vacation resort. A huge Puerto Rico. I found it interesting that while Cuba and Venezuela are making suggestions to the U.N. regarding a resolution of the Puerto Rico situation. The U.S. is making plans, just in case they lose "la isla", to secure some other Indigenous Amekikian land.

From the Folks Who Brought You Plan Colombia: The Annexation of Mexico
by John Ross; CounterPunch; June 19, 2007

Mexico City -- Plan Colombia, the $5,000,000,000 drug war boondoggle cooked up in 1999 by Bill Clinton and then-Colombian president Andres Pastrana and subsequently transmographied into a War on Terror adjunct by George Bush and Alvaro Uribe brought U.S. troops, fleets of helicopter gun ships, spray planes spewing poisons, and a vast array of human rights abuses to that troubled Latin American country. It also made Colombia the third largest recipient of Washington's foreign aid and the number one repository of U.S. military aid in the western hemisphere.

But Plan Colombia failed to stem the flood of cocaine pouring across U.S. borders nor has it even eradicated much Colombian coca acreage - 144,000 hectares continue to thrive under coca cultivation in Colombia concedes the U.S. State Department's Office of International Narcotics Enforcement in its 2006 annual report, and while spraying massive doses of glysophate did force some farmers out of business, production simply moved south, spreading throughout the Andean region.

Indeed, the price of cocaine on U.S. streets dipped slightly last year and supply and quality remained constant, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. For the first time in five years, the DEA registered an increase in first time users. 90% of the cocaine confiscated in the U.S. last year continues to be Colombian-based.

Despite the abysmal results, the U.S. Congress has again budgeted $367,000,000 for Plan Colombia in 2008 although some congressional reps appear to be tiring of fighting this losing war and are beginning to call for an exit strategy. With the Democrats in titular control of both houses, doubts about Plan Colombia forced consideration of a bi-lateral free trade agreement to be shelved this spring. President Uribe, in Washington to lobby for the pact, complained to the press that he was being treated as "a pariah."

Despite Plan Colombia's fading allure, the Bush administration is about to debut a sequel: Plan Mexico, an interdiction strategy to confront the increasing "Colombian-ization" of Mexico by bi-national (Colombian and Mexican) drug cartels who have managed to spread their brand of mayhem into every nook and cranny of this distant neighbor nation.

The finishing touches for a Plan Colombia-like joint venture were worked out at the early June G-8 summit in Germany during a meeting between Bush and Mexico's freshman president Felipe Calderon, a special guest at the conclave. According to insiders in both camps as reported in the U.S. and Mexican media, Calderon will make a formal application for increased anti-drug assistance from Washington come August. Mexico currently receives $40,000,000 in drug moneys from the White House.

If you liked Plan Colombia, you are going to love Plan Mexico.

Like Plan Colombia, Mexico will be gifted with tons of military equipment, whiz-bang technology, and billion buck grants to battle the cartels, although U.S. troops will be held out of the package (for now) because of Mexico's long-standing resistance to such deployment. The U.S. military has invaded Mexico eight times since both countries won their independence from Europe 200 years ago.

Fumigation of Mexican drug crops will also meet with hard-core resistance on this side of the border. Whereas U.S. spray crews have been dousing southern Colombia for seven years with the virulent defoliant glysophate, poisoning food crops, streams, farm animals, and farming populations, Mexico was painted with Paraquat in 1969 when Richard Nixon launched his bonehead "Operation Intercept" to destroy Mexican marijuana plantations without first asking the Mexican government's permission. One dazzling result of Operation Intercept was to incite domestic marijuana cultivation in the U.S. - the U.S. now produces more marijuana than Mexico.
Mexico halted its U.S.-financed spray program several years ago when it could no longer obtain replacement parts for the planes, with no noticeable increase in drug cropping. Mexico is not suited to coca cultivation and is used by the cartels principally as a "trampoline" to move Colombian cocaine across the U.S. border. Opium poppy cropping, as in Colombia, accounts for single digit percentages of U.S. heroin imports, 90% of which have their origin in Washington's War on Terror partner Afghanistan.

Plans for Plan Mexico were inadvertently leaked at a June 8th - 9th bi-lateral meeting of Mexican and U.S. lawmakers in Austin Texas by Democratic congressperson Silvestre Reyes, now chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee and a former U.S. Border Patrol honcho who pioneered construction of the first wall between Mexico and the United States back in the mid-90s. As top dog on the House Intelligence committee, Reyes is a heavy hitter in the Bush terror war and Plan Mexico is seen as much of a War on Terror tool as it is a drug interdiction strategy.

Officials in both Washington and Mexico City have remained tightlipped about the joint endeavor, implying that Reyes' revelations may have tipped off the cartels.
Since taking office December 1st, Calderon, whose election was as shady as George Bush's Florida 2000 sham victory, has been prepping Mexico for the nation's new enhanced role in Washington's War on Terror. Within the first week of his chaotic swearing-in, Calderon sent 30,000 Mexican troops into nine drug-saturated states in a virtual declaration of martial law to combat the five Mexican-Colombian cartels that dominate the drug trade here. Civil rights were suspended and abuses abounded but precious little cocaine was confiscated.

The new president followed up the military offensive by moving a draconian anti- terrorism measure in the Mexican congress. The so-called "International Terrorism Law" which actually criminalizes domestic dissent, passed both houses with only token opposition from the left-center Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and mandates 40 year prison sentences for "terrorist" activities defined as "the use of violence against persons, things, or public services that spread alarm or fear in the population or any part thereof in order to threaten national security or pressure authorities to take certain determinations."

This Mexican "U.S. Patriot Act" in effect transforms social change movements as diverse as the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, Greenpeace, and Oaxaca's Popular Peoples' Assembly (APPO) into terrorist organizations. The first application of the new law against Ignacio Del Valle, a leader of the machete-wielding farmers of San Salvador Atenco, resulted in a 67-year prison sentence. Del Valle's "terrorist" crime? Locking the door during a meeting of Mexico state school officials and local farmers so the officials could not abandon the room.

But Calderon was not done yet with converting his regime into a doppelganger of the Bush administration's perversion of justice. This April, the President, who, much like George Bush, is considered a usurper by over 50% of the Mexican electorate, foisted a constitutional amendment on his congress that would grant him carte blanche powers to tap phones and break into private homes without first obtaining a search warrant from a court. The amendment, which has not yet passed the legislature, bears a startling resemblance to George Bush's unconstitutional eavesdropping and surveillance of millions of U.S. citizens but with one notable caveat - Calderon, at least, went to his congress to modify the Constitution to allow such intrusions. Bush simply imposed his illegal operation in violation of his country's Magna Carta.
One purported benefit of Plan Mexico will be technology transfer, affirm boosters like Mexican attorney general Eduardo Medina Mora. Bankrolled by a $3,000,000 U.S. State Department grant, Mexico is upgrading its eavesdropping capabilities even without congressional approval of the constitutional amendment. The installation of a super-duper "communication interruption" system will allow the government to tap into landline telephones, cell phone traffic, and electronic mail. The new system is designed by Verint Technologies ("actionable intelligence for a safer world") and features automatic voice identification. Verint, a Nee York-based start-up that provides spy technology to everyone from Domino's Pizza to the National Security Agency, has reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from Bush's terror war.

The Verint system will intercept tens of thousands of calls from the U.S. to Mexico and visa versa each day. Although these conversations will be officially recorded by Mexican authorities, the chatter will be admissible evidence in U.S. courts. Mexico's monopoly telephone company, Telmex, owned by Carlos Slim, the third richest man on the planet, tells reporters that it will comply with the government's eavesdropping plans.

Plan Colombia has sunk Colombia in a morass of corruption and human rights abuses. The drug war offensive was endorsed from its inception by the paramilitary "Autodefensa Unida de Colombia" or AUC, which, along with the long-lived leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), are prominent players on the Bush White House's terrorist list. The AUC, which is held responsible for 9000 extrajudicial killings since Plan Colombia kicked in (one leader, Salvatore Mancuso, boasts of 300 personal kills) shared the U.S. largesse in building up its arsenal and financed itself by drug running and extorting transnationals like Hyundai and Chiquita Banana Brands.

Now AUC leaders, whose 31,000 strong private army was granted amnesty in 2004, are spilling the beans to the Colombian Supreme Court about the extent of the paramilitaries' backing from the Uribe government and the military - 12 generals and 14 legislators in the national congress are under indictment in the escalating scandal that has severely eroded Uribe's presidency.
But Mexico's armed forces will not have to take lessons from their Colombian counterparts when it comes to violating human rights. In the latest of several such homicidal "incidents", Mexican troops opened fire on a family of five at a Sinaloa checkpoint June 2nd, killing three children. Rather than extending sympathy to the bereaved family, Mexico's Interior Minister Francisco Ramirez Acuna insisted that such tragedies are "the price we have to pay for our vigilance."
Details for the implementation of Plan Mexico were hammered out at a hush-hush June 9th closed door meeting in Morelos state just south of the capital that involved beleaguered U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, White House drug czar John Waters, and the attorney generals of Mexico and Colombia - Eduardo Medina Mora and Mario Iguaran. Iguaran recently replaced Luis Camilo Osorio as his nation's chief prosecutor - Osorio who is accused of whitewashing AUC's murderous activities is now his country's ambassador to Mexico.
As George Bush's only other Latin American ally besides Alvaro Uribe, Felipe Calderon borrowed a page from the faltering Colombian president's playbook by extraditing a dozen long-sought (but largely out of the loop) Mexican capos to the U.S. soon after taking office, an early signal that Mexican was ready to sell its sovereignty to Washington.

Both U.S. and Mexican authorities strongly deny that U.S. troops will be on the ground in Mexico anytime soon, a clear violation of Mexico's national sovereignty. Under Plan Colombia, U.S. forces grew to 800 "trainers", including 70 Green Beret Special Forces, and 600 private "contractors" (mercenaries.) Actually, Mexican troops receive extensive U.S. military training at Fort Bragg North Carolina's Center for Special Forces and Fort Benning, Georgia, the site of the infamous School of the Americas. Some of the trainees have since defected to the narco gangs, banding together in a truly terrorist brigade known as the "Zetas" who function as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel.

With Plan Colombia as a model, Plan Mexico would also open the door to the use of private military contractors like Blackwater, on the ground here.

Mexican police agencies, long gangrenous with corruption, are already being trained in country by the U.S. FBI. Washington is pushing for the development of a hemispheric police force that will be able to cross borders. The International Law Enforcement Academy in El Salvador is a kind of School of the Americas for cops, which reportedly employs former Salvadoran death squad members as trainers.

Since the U.S. and Mexico achieved nationhood two centuries ago, Washington has had designs on annexing its nearest neighbor to the south. The United States invasion of 1846-48, the so-called Mexican War, deposed Mexico of all of its northern territories that today comprise 13 U.S. western states. Since then, Washington has invaded and annexed Mexico from afar. The 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement in effect annexed Mexico's economy. Beginning with World War II and extending through the Cold War, the War on Drugs, and now the War on Terror, the U.S. has sought to annex Mexico's security apparatus. Plan Mexico is, in fact, a plan to lock in the annexation of Mexico.

John Ross is the author of "The Annexation of Mexico - From the Aztecs to the IMF" (Common Courage 1998.) He is again in residence in Mexico City cogitating the future. Contact johnross@igc.org if you have further information.


"Self": the balance of individual/collective salvation

La matematica de hoy es conocimiento y nacer. El grado en la alfabeto supremo es "Salvador o un mismo".

The concept of "Self Savior", or "Savior or Self" to some, is integral with the development of 'sovereignty'. Not just 'self' sovereign in regards to one's own personal freedom, however 'self' as it relates to the collective entity. The "Self" is a community or collective of individuals who co-exist and interact to bring about desired or indentitied goals, in unison. Knowing and understanding the interdepedence each individual has and responibility to each other to ensure to saftey and productivity of the 'whole'. The balance of the individual self (the "I") and the collective self has been an on going struggle within any group of people. The inability to organize and understand our roles within the collective will prohibit our onward and upward movement. It will continue to lay the groundwork for factionalism and division as people become so saturated by their own ego's that they lose sight of what the people need and want. The ability to distinguish from the the other and balance both in harmony is fundamental and extremely necessary. Why? Because we are our own greatest resource. And only WE, together, can alleviate ourselves from the conditions we face. We can look to no one of no thing to achieve this for us. This can not and never will be achieved by praying to some astral-omnipotent concept of Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, of the Great Spirit. People have kept their heads to the clouds and theirs asses in 'hell', as their search for 'deliverance from evil' was only to be compliement by the continous death and destruction of their brothers and sisters. This mentality instilled a lack of responsibility for direct action and democracy and contributed to the on going state of oppression that persists.

"Would you set up home and wait for a mystery God to bring you food?"

"Emphatically NO!"

The ancestors aren't going to give you freedom. The spirits aren't going to carry you to autonomy. They haven't yet and may people have been searching for that/those so-called "mystery God" and Gods/Goddesses/Spirits for trillions of years and were unable to find that/those types of powers or forces in the universe. It is our intelligence and life that activates the qualities and attributes of our ancestors, already inherent within us. However, your awakened thought has to interact with these dormant elements in order for them to be manifest. There is no such thing as 'magic'. Only mathematics.

We can not seek salvation in any percieved 'higher authority' other than our own selves and intelligence. Not through religion or even government. We can never allow ourselves to think that economic negotiations with the one's who've attempted to destroy us are not going to resolve our issues or return us to our plight. To place so much allegiance and reliance in such an entity as the United States are nothing more than pipe dreams and 'white flag' assimilationists attitudes. They (the U.S.) has proven themselves not willing to grant reparations or uphold any treaties. And government grant money is no better than 'welfare' because of the dependancy that is involved. George (Bush) giveth and Bush taketh away.....whenever they feel like it. Within the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths, Allah exhibited how one should deal with the goverment, to be assertivie and cooperative so long as the government treats the people right. He obtained our school, the Allah School in Mecca, for us from the Urban League through Barry Gottherer (Mayor John Lindsay's aid) and the city of New York. The city gave us the building and the Urban League provided teachers so that Allah could establish an alternative education programs for the babies in the street, to ensure that they would receive an education and have the opportunity to attend college or trade school and obtain employment. So that they could 'build' and make the country strong, and eventually we would be qualified to take over. Allah gave us the chance to save ourselves.

John Lindsay gave us the building on the condition of a $1 a month (rent) for 99 years. A "treaty" we still fight to hold on to and make the city honor. However, throughout the years the city has worked diligently to remove us from our land so that they could build a museum over our school. And no, we don't own the deeds to the building. The Nation of Gods and Earths was birthed in the streets of Harlem which makes Harlem our home, our MECCA. Allah never seized the deeds to the building because it is in my opinion that it was a starting point for us, to have 'something'. Yet, it was not meant for us to be 'renting' for ever. It is/was up to us to follow through and make the reality complete by doing what needs to be done to secure land so that we may continue to build. It was up to us to pull our own weight. this is true for all Original people around the planet. We must pull our own weight.

In order for the "WE" to be mobilize each individual have to save their individual selves. They have to take the reins in their own growth and development and qualify themselves as the "salvation" of the people. To salvage means to save, to cherish or "preserve". Being the salvation of the people or 'saving' the colletive 'self' means struggling to perserve the identity of the people, their culture. To maintain it for those who wish to accept and receive it. Yet, to give something to someone, you must yourself possess it. This is why must clean themselves up before attempting to aid others in their deeds. You have to have reclaimed the culture for yourself and internalized it before for can extent it to others, otherwise the transferance of knowledge, wisdom and understanding will not be whole or complete. It will be empty and leave nothing for the person to grasp on to. All across the planet, Original people are struggling to perserve their 'selves'. And we will continue to advocate and encourage solidarity and inter-activism especially amongst the Indigenous communities in the wilderness and jungles of the Americas, the diaspora of Native and so-called Latin Americans.

Palante Siempre!

and keep it simple, teach it real.....

For Native Americans, Defense of National Culture means Survival

Havana, jun 14 (Prensa Latina) Dennis J. Banks, a legend of the native Americans movement, affirms the Congress on Culture and Development being held in Cuba "is all about what we have struggled for".

He is content to know persons of many countries who think alike and feel committed to achieving the same goals," says this member of the US delegation to the Congress on Culture and Development, in session at the Havana Convention Center.

"My people has struggled since 1492 in defense of our national identity and the preservation of our culture", said Banks in an interview for Prensa Latina News Agency.

"The life of our people has been full of difficulties, police brutality and the sinister attempt of erasing our culture by separating our children at a very young age from their parents in order to instill in them a culture that was not their own," said Banks.

For 11 years the new generations of Indians were given another education, in an effort to alienate them from their indigenous traditions and national identity and this went on for centuries.

For Banks life was no different, he recalls suffering police brutality, incarceration. He served in the Air Force and returned to his reservation in northern Minnesota by the end of the 60s.

He then started in 1968 the foundation of the native Americans´ movement for their rights to non discrimination, work, decent living conditions, the land, as well as medical and education services that were denied them by one Administration after another.

"Our people took to the streets, supported by other sectors, in demand of decent living conditions and the legal recovery of rights given the indigenous by treaties signed by our chiefs decades before, giving them the right to the land, to clinics, schools and the right to hunting and fishing," says the Indian leader in his quiet and deep voice.

For those reasons we were very critical of US governments and its institutions. They retaliated in many ways, raiding our communities, sending us to jail, beating us, but this only brought about our unity and a steadfast position against corruption in the reservations, remembered Banks.

Then, in February of 1973, the American Indian Movement and the Lakota Nation made a final stand for native rights with a siege at Wounded Knee, the same place where a massacre of native Indians by US soldiers had taken place in 1890.

Witness and participant in the siege of 1973, Banks affirms the government not only deployed 300 FBI agents and 90 Federal Marshals, but also used 35 tanks to intimidate the protesters who withstood the siege for 71 days, while international solidarity support to the native Americans mounted.

Banks was incarcerated at the end of the siege at Wounded Knee. He was charged with 16 felony counts and faced a sentence of up to 200 years plus a life sentence.

The trial dragged on for nine months, but the Federal Judge in charge of the case became aware of the injustice committed and dismissed the charges against the defendants due to the biased evidence presented by the FBI and the abuse of power of the authorities.

More than 60 indigenous were killed in the 70s. Their sacrifice, however, was not in vain, says Banks. The police stopped unwarranted arrests, native Americans have been allowed to raise crops, to hunt and fish, besides creating their own curr¡culum in schools in order to recover their cultural heritage.

"It´s necessary to conserve our identity and national culture at all costs, as this is the only way to save our heritage," he explained.

The indigenous leader advanced that he now prepares the trip of a group to Venezuela next October, to give their appreciation to President Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela for having sent them heating fuel when they most needed it last winter.

As for Cuba, Banks has been here four times, met Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on his first visit, when he was part of a delegation led by writer Alice Walker in the 90s, making a lasting impression on him.

But Washington has made him pay for his friendship with Cuba, as Banks like many other visitors from the United States was fined for traveling to the island, sanction that is part of a blockade imposed by the US almost half a century ago.


The Reality of the Yellow Seed (and Soil)

Knowledge Equality: The Reality of the Yellow Seed (and Soil)

Written by Sha-King Cehum Allah

Knowledge is the first step in self realization. The information one gathers about themselves and the world around them allows the reality of who they are to unfold before them. This knowledge is critical in the awareness of one’s equality, or the value of their existence. Equality means to be balanced, so in the mathematical perspective, a global perspective, we all have a hand in the furthering of civilization as we know it, and the state of the world. The imbalance in the systems of our societies and the quality of living can only be brought about by a proactive mindset, a collective mindset, a mindset of God-consciousness. This seed exists within each of us. Recognition of this equality, this relationship that the human families share, manifests this consciousness for the uplift of humanity. Thus the saying," each one must teach one." The truth being that one can teach or transfer anything to another individual. So we must recognize who we are and what we have to offer.

I knowledge my equality, and the equality that was given to me, through the teachings of Almighty God Allah. To knowledge my equality at this point in my development means to analyze and evaluate those equal qualities between me and my father. We were given his equality, to recognize ourselves as Gods and Earths. This has been the basis of our ideology. This knowledge has been revealed to us through our application of the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet, to understand the 120 degrees. It was important so that we could elevate our mindsets above religion and become universal in our perspective and existence. What is paramount is that Allah recognized the oneness of the Blackman: black, brown and yellow, and saw it as critical that they, the black, brown and yellow men of the world, unite in the name of the upliftment of humanity. The Blackman is the original man, father of civilization, so who better qualified to restore humanity to its pedestal of greatness and enlightenment. As a yellow seed with the knowledge of self, it is of importance that I assess my equality and further manifest this understanding through the Supreme Mathematics via this medium of 120 degrees. My purpose is to bring to light certain truths and misconceptions regarding the yellow seed, namely "Latin Americans", and specifically Power Rules or "Puerto Ricans", within the Nation of the Gods and Earths. The terminology used in this article to refer to the subject at hand is "seed" and refers to "man" within our paradigm. This choice was based on my decision to write from a first person perspective. While "soil" refers to "woman", the science discussed is equally applicable.

Knowledge and equality are mathematical principles that correlate with the numbers "1" and "6" in the system of Supreme Mathematics. The numbers ultimately brings me to the 3rd degree in the 1-14 (Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 1):

Question: Why did we let the half original man like Columbus discover the poor part of the planet Earth?

Answer: Because the Original Blackman is God and owner of the earth, and knowing every square inch of it, has chosen for himself the best part. He didn’t care about the poor part. Columbus was a half original man who was born is Italy which is in Southeast Europe. His full name was Christopher Columbus. The land he discovered was North America. The people who he found here were Indians who were exiled from India 16,000 years ago. They are original people.

The last 60 years of historical research has updated many ideas within this degree, since it was written in 1934. Yet and still, there are two concepts that stand out and are interwoven into the perspective of the yellow seed. One speaks to his/her origin and the other speaks to the misconceptions of their origin. Reflecting on Allah’s vision for the unity of the seeds (seed being synonymous for "man" within our paradigm, as already) truly reveals how supremely understanding one must truly be to succeed in this, for the first step is to knowledge equality.

The concept of the origin of the yellow seed can be identified within the last two lines of the answer. The 16,000 years is the proposed amount of time from when they were "exiled". Whether or not the concept "exile" is valid and truly applicable is in and of itself a topic to be addressed in another article. The 16,000 years, to me is to knowledge equality of 3 ciphers- black, brown, and yellow families. They are in reality one family, the Black family. When I came into the knowledge of myself, questions were raised from inside my self concerning my complexion. I was then able to grasp who I was by being providing a foundation or focal point from which to view myself. I was taught who I was and I soon learned many integral pieces of history and science from many other "Latino/a" Gods and Earths in the Nation. I had also learned that at one point (and which still lingers in our midst) that some people used to refer to the Power Rule (and/or other "Latin Americans") as "half original", especially those of a very light complexion This idea has a root in the above mentioned degree as well as the prior in that lesson set, regarding Musa (Moses). A misunderstanding of this concept as well as the history of the Power Rule has been fostered and has long expired, for the reality of the yellow seed has been born. I will examine and dissect this precept as I manifest this reality.

The yellow seed has a heavy job, because it takes understanding to see him for who he is and he must teach with understanding to be successful in bringing forth this culture to the people and his people. Let's examine a brief history (very brief) of the Power Rule. The identity of the Power Rule or Puerto Rican is biologically rooted in the Taino people of the Caribbean. The Tainos occupied many of the islands in the Caribbean, specifically the island of Boriken (now called Puerto Rico, Spanish for "rich port") and were murdered, raped and enslaved by the Euro-peons, who then brought Africans to the Caribbean to replace the millions of Indians who died, as slave labor. The Indians and Africans began to merge biologically and culturally, as well as with the Spaniards, into a culture and a nationality now known as Puerto Rican. The indigenous people we call "Tainos", actually didn’t refer to themselves as that for an identity, b-u-t as a label of distinction. The word itself means "noble or good'" and was used by the Indians to characterize themselves in the eyes of the Euro-peons, to distinguish themselves from their "war-like" neighbors the Caribs. Bartolome De Las Casas, a Spanish monk who traveled with Columbus, noted in the peaceful nature of the Tainos in contrast to that of the Caribs, in his first person account entitled "The Devastation of the Indies". De Las Casas also explicitly details the murder and slavery imposed upon the Original people by the Spaniards. The groups of "tainos" actually referred to themselves by where they locality i.e. those residing on Boriken were called themselves "Borikuas", those from the Bahamas were the "Lokonos", those from Cuba were "Guanahatabeys" etc. The presence of Afro-Indio culture and blood has always been very abundant, even after the decimation of the people, especially population wise. Nowadays, biologically speaking, most people who are so called "Puerto Rico" have Indian, African and Euro-peon blood (as do many other people throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America). On page 29 of "Black Indians", author William Loren Katz states:

"By 1650 Mexico alone had an African-Indian population (some with white ancestry) of one hundred thousand. A new race was being born."

There are three major components or factors at work here. That would infer that 2 of 3 elements that combined are original, according to our mathematical standards. Two out of three or "2/3" is more than half. Now let us look further into this phenomenon and cross-reference the 120 degrees.

The 3rd degree in the 1-10, Student Enrollment asks, "What is the total population of the Original nation in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet earth?" We learn that out of a total population of 19 million in North America, 17 million were of African descent with another 2 million being Indian. The blend or merging of the two peoples essentially is what brought about the yellow seed (or Power Rule in this case). This leaves 1/3 of which can be seen relating to the 103 million in the following degree, the 4th degree (culture seed): "What is the population of colored people here in the wilderness of North America and all over the planet earth?" The remaining influx of blood is clearly from the Caucasian or Euro-peon population. The "103 million" is symbolic to the "1/3" in that the cipher (zero) or world of the Caucasian has led the Original people astray from the knowledge and understanding of themselves, by separating the yellow seed (3) from his origin in this world, the knowledge or black seed (1). Thus, he currently lives other than his own culture and is forced to define himself in the eyes of a white Judeo-Christian society. We can then go to the 32nd degree in 1-40 (Lost Found Muslim Lessons No. 2) and look at a real devil’s physical power being less than 1/3 that of the original man, meaning, symbolically, that his weakness has been perpetuated through his culture (1+3=4, or culture) in the form of vices that in turn weaken and destroy the black, brown and yellow man. The Devil's number is "6", because he is limited. In the language of Supreme Mathematics, "7" represents God, an unattainable level of existence for him. However, as a man he does possess certain similar qualities, and God made the Devil with these qualities so we could fulfill the answer to the 38th degree in the 1-40:

"…To show forth his power, that he is all wise and righteous. That he could make a devil who was weak and wicked, give him the power to rule the earth for 6000 years, then destroy the devil in one day without falling victim to the devil’s civilization. Otherwise, to show and prove Allah is God, always has been, always will be."

It has been said that each "race" would have a time to rule, Black, Brown, Yellow and White. The Hopi people continue to hold on to such sacred prophecies, which have been passed down by their ancestors for thousands of years. These prophecies are revealed and investigated in Sultan Abdul Latif’s "When Nations Gather."Keeping in line with the focal point of this article, the understanding seed without knowledge of himself is merely a hop, skip and a jump from the 4th degree in the 1-10, becoming apart of the colored man's population. The revisions in the Census Bureaus survey classifications on race have merged the "Hispanic" population into the "White" category. White people are very aware that they are about to become the minority in their own country and this is just one effort to reverse the state of things and discourage the unity of the seeds. They take the largest and fastest growing "minority" in America, and covering them under the cloak of "tricknowledge" and white supremacy, by calling them white (This is what happened in 1846 after the United States stole the Republic of Texas from our brothers, the Mexicans, and labeled it an "annexation". The majority of white settlers in Texas were slave holders and the U.S. government feared that revenge would be taken by the Mexicans and the other Original people who resided there. To prevent an uprising the classified "Mexicans" as "white", despite their overwhelming Indian bloodline, a label which continued to appear of Texan birth certificates until the 1960’s. "Mexica" is actually the name of the people we refer to as the Aztecs, due to their proposed ancient homeland "Aztlan".) So not only must one know their true culture b-u-t understand their culture just as they must know and understand (master) themselves before they are mastered.

Again we find ourselves with this proposed number, "1/3". A principle of applied arithematic, in regards to fractions, their relationships and values, is reciprocation. To reciprocate infers balance. If I share with you (equality) and you share with me then we have a reciprocal relationship. Black/white relationships historically haven't been exactly steeped in the highest level of equality, however there has been an exchange and that exchange occurred as those cultures interacted with one another over time. Both sides extract things from each other. The above mentioned "1/3" has a reciprocal, which is "3/1" or just the number "3". Since understanding is growth and development, elevation, the 3/1 represents the Original man (1st degree 1-10) standing under (dealing with supreme understanding) and elevating and growing to become whole, 3/1 = 3. "3" in mathematics is a whole number. To be whole is to be unified (Asiatic- body and mind). Allah came to unify the seeds, and the yellow seed bearing witness to our Father's teachings, as his true and living son (1 2 3, knowledge wisdom understanding, man woman child) is supposed to bring the people back to the knowledge and wisdom.

Let us look at that "2/3" I spoke of earlier in this article. The "2" ("Who is the colored man?", the 2nd degree 1-10) is divided or separated ("/") from the "3" (the total population of original people, 3rd degree 1-10). During the mid to late 1800's Andrew Jackson was awarded the duty of "escorting" the Indians off of their land in the southeastern region of the U.S., into the western areas of the continent which were alien to them (wilderness). This was called the "Trail of Tears" by the Cherokee Nation. The Indians, because they held so much wealth in land which the whites intended on using to expand the institution of slavery in the south, were put on reservations (the start of welfare and government subsidies in America), murdered or whitewashed through school programs. These school programs were designed to separate children from their native families and to receive education and instruction on how to be white and live in the white man's world. The center of this operation was in Carlisle, Pa at the Carlisle Indian School. Another major institution used for this program was Hampton University, a "black" school in Virginia. In 1866, the roster at the Carlisle school included 66 children listed as being from a tribe they interestingly enough termed "Porto Ricans" (www.nyboricua.com). We were separated and distinguished from them, even during the era of the Jim Crow laws that we were subjected to as well. Yet in this day and time, they have maneuvered enough around with semantics and labels, seeing us as "alike" them. This is due largely to the already existent colonial mindset that many people on the island of Puerto Rico have, identifying with the oppressor, and reaching to Spain (Europe) as the motherland. America has taken advantage of this mindset for the appearance of a "growing" majority.

Biologically we are different, and western scientists have documented this. One has to look no further than the medical literature at their local hospital and even library for the information. However, once again, one must deal with understanding because the key to the puzzle lay in the blood line as the 30th degree in the 1-40 states:

Question: Tell us what and how the Devil was made?

Answer: The Devil was made from the Original people by grafting or separating the germs. In the Blackman’s body there exist two germs, a black germ and a brown germ. Yakub, with his law on birth control, separated the black germ from the brown germ and grafting it into white, by destroying the black germ. After following this process for 600 hundred years, the germ became white and was no more original, also by thinning the blood, the germ became weak and wicked and was no longer the same. Thus this is how Yakub made devil.

As recent DNA tests were conducted, it was shown that about 70-75 percent of the population of Puerto Rico had apparent "Taino" bloodlines, 20-30% had African bloodlines, and only about 13% had European. This was based on the mitochondrial DNA that is passed through the matrilineal bloodlines. An article published on indiancountry.com, a Native American online newspaper discussed the results of the tests and the impact of the reviving "Taino" consciousness and identity on the island, dispelling the myth of extinction.

Finally, we return back to the original 2/3’s of the yellow seed’s bloodline. The Original man uses 23 million square miles out of all which is useful on the planet earth. This comes to us from the 7th degree in our foundational lesson, the 1-10 Student Enrollment. This vast amount of land is merely representative of resources, which the Blackman is biologically endowed with, the 23 chromosomes given (off) by each parent during conception. Of course, this applies as well to the Caucasian; however it is the biochemical reality of the Blackman that makes him the "original" man, signifying a direct and utmost relationship to everything in the universe. This relationship has truly been one of respect and reciprocity (knowledge equality). In fact, it was because of this understanding that many Original people throughout time had viewed the white man an unnatural being because they could not find anything in the natural world that could compliment his complexion. If we examine the layers of soil, we can see the top soil is the most fertile and it is black. The layer beneath that consists mainly of mud and clay and is brown. The third layer of the soil is yellow and comprised of different minerals and rocks in the form of sand.

Let me, at this point, bring to the readers attention, that I am in no way saying that the yellow seed is only 2/3rd's original. He is the Original man, and mathematically I shall illustrate. 2/3 = .6666667 or rounded to the nearest 10th, 0.7, which is 70%. Let us approximate by saying 75%, which brings us back to 3/4th or the 3rd and 4th degrees in 1-10: the population of the Original nation and the population of the Colored people. The reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2 which again ties us to the 32nd degree in the 1-40. We have to know and understand that the Colored man's physical power is less than 1/3rd that of the Original man because after 500 years of attempting to thin our blood, we still retained our originality. 3/2 = 1.5, which is the difference between the grafted brains and the original brains in the 32nd degree, another biological and biochemical distinction. This distinction has relevancy in our ability to interpret the stimuli within our surroundings and assess our relationship to it. Understanding this distinction means to see things for what they are and not what they appear to be, a deeper look beyond the "surface" of the world we perceive. So it is emphatically yes, that a man or woman may appear to be light, enough to appear Caucasian, yet and still they are Original, Black men and woman. Some may actually be of the Power family (2+3=5) biologically, or what we term "half-original". Never the less, they are still original if their mental and physical powers are intune with the foundation. However as I stated in the beginning, the population of 17 million and 2million are an integral: 2 out of three populations (African, Indian, Caucasian) being the original owners and inhabitants of this land. The 2/3 also reveals the meaning of the English C. Lesson No. 1 if our eyes are open. One population came to North America by themselves and the other was brought by a trader (2nd and 3rd degrees in 1-36):

2. I came to North America by myself.

3. My uncle was brought here by the trader 379 years ago.

They merged together for survival and developed many settlements throughout North, Central and South America. One "tribe" was so large, called the Tribe of Ben Ishmael, that it influenced the adoption of the first compulsory sterilization law in the world, centered on the extermination of the Indians and Africans, and the seizure of their land in what now present day Indiana. On page 237 of "When Nations Gather", Sultan A Latif cites author Hugo P. Leaming regarding this law:

"The proposal in other states was justly called the "Indiana Plan". Adherents of the Progressive movement lent their support to that they considered another social reform, and the law spread to twenty-nine other states between 1907 and 1931. European eugenicist’s watched America pioneer in this field, and by the early 1930’s the Indiana Plan had spread to seven other nations, including Nazi Germany."

When 2 and 3 are added we get the number "5", which is represented in the value system of Supreme Mathematics as "Power". The 5th degree in the Actual facts states the area of hills and mountains, which is where many of the runaway African slaves (maroons) fled and joined the Indian nations. This can account for the large majority of African-Americans who have some trace of "Indian" in their family lineage. In the Caribbean, it can be seen through the elements of Taino culture that survived in Haitian and Cuban Voodun, which is another article in and of it self. After 500 years of oppression, the decimation of the 500 Nations, our power lies in the ability to utilize what we’ve learned of our history, and take back our identity and culture and become our own selves. With that, I must reference the question to the 5th degree in 1-14:

"Why did we take Jerusalem away from the Devil? How long ago?..."

As Saladin, Sunni ruler of Egypt, took back from European occupation, the city of Jerusalem, founded in peace and first built by the Original man, it is up to my yellow brothers and sisters out there to reclaim who they are and what belongs to them, their birthright. You must be determined to fight for the freedom to define yourself in today’s society. Reclaim your place amongst your black brother and sisters, as who you are BLACK MEN and WOMEN.


Remembering Roberto

One of the most powerful and important points of Allah's Will, his teachings, was his yearn to bring the 'black, brown and yellow" together. This is was not only an ideal rooted to the future absolution of racism, but a movement towards solidarity that is reflected in numerous historical accounts. The reality being manifested, is that we are all one family: the Original family, the Black family which then manifests into different shades of the "one". These three basic 'colors' can be found displayed throughout the populations of the world,minus that of the European population. This transforming and redefining of the concepts of color, race and politics are deemed integal for one to properly internalize the 'knowledge of self', transforming themselves and ultimately society at large. Especially, throughout so-called "Latin-America". Thus, while someone is encouraged to learn about there specific ethnicity and to gain greater understanding of one's shade (which attributes some bio-chemical aspects to our personal relationship with the universe, as well as insight into our own personal lineage and the socio-politico-cultural events that took place during that lineage) the words "Original" and "Black" are used lovingly towards all people of color within our cipher. This is not to blanket someone's individual history in favor of the collective identity, as some forms of Pan-Africanism often does, attributing any and eveything to the greatness of Africa alone. The Nation of Gods and Earths embraces all Original people but taering down the labels of nationalism of tribal identity to create barriers and bring everyone together for one common cause: education, elevation and solidarity.

With that in mind, I would like to share some knowledge with you about a great "blackman": Roberto Clemente. Keeping in line with the theme of "responsibility", I encourage many to learn about his life. I am partial to Roberto not just because he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and was from Puerto Rico, but because he was a proud of who he was and did not sacrifice that in the face of the racism he experienced within his career. He actually had his wife give birth to all three of his sons in Puerto Rico. He returned to the essence while attempting to fly supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. The attempts and donations made prior never reached the earthquake victims because U.S. implemented and 'puppet' dictator Anastazio Samoza pocketed the money while the poor starved (sounds like the South Asian Tsunami situation huh?). Samoza was eventually overthrown by the Sandinistas, an Indigenous Socialist group, as Samoza fled to exile in Miami, Florida. Later the CIA tried to have who they thought was a spy for them, Manuel Noriega-military leader and later president of Panama, invade and take down the Sandinistas government, which he refused. This caused his frame up by the CIA and the opened the flood gates of cocaine into U.S. as the CIA supported drug traffickers with the goal of overthrowing the Socialist government in Nicaragua.

Clemente was upset that the supplies previously sent to the victims never reached them and against advice from his family and friends, wanted to fly the supplies there himself. His plane never made it and it crashed off the coast of Puerto Rico. It seemed all too suspicous. Roberto Clemente was such a powerful and influential figure in the hearts and minds of the people, especially those in Latin America and Puerto Rico. The move he was making was something the I think the U.S. government could not afford. To use his fame and resources to help the people would have been more than disaster relief, it would of being empowering to the people, especially as a "black" Puerto Rican. Because although he was proud of his proud s-called Puerto Rican heritage, he was still a "nigger" to some of his teammates and to America, as was shared in a biography I read on his life when I was in 3rd grade. He was my hero when I was little. He was the first so-called "Latino" inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. And he was spoken of in the Spike Tv presentation "Viva Beisbol!" about how Latin Americans shaped the history of the America pasttime. Here is a link to check out regarding Roberto and his life:http://www.robertoclemente21.com/



Birds of a Feather: Tainos y Mayas

The article below is dedicated to all my 'Mexica' family, or as the oppressor calls them, "Mexican". Who, as all of us of the Indio y Africano diaspora have, have been subjected to the conditioning and destructive cultural transformations brough about by colonization. And have thus internalized the negativity and destruction projected upon us, only to turn and project it towards our own brothers and sisters. For when we can not love ourselves, we can not love our brothers and sisters. This is for those of my Mexica family, whom, upon taken great pride in their Mexica and Mayan lineage, haven't yet totality left behind the aroma of 'Cortez'. This is for my Mexica family, whom adamantly uphold the false notion that they have 'no African blood'. This is for my brothers and sisters 'south of the border' whom have bought the lie, that we are different. And have called me a "Puto-Rican". This is for my brothers and sisters.
"He wants us to think we are all different..."- 7th degree, Lost Found Muslim Lesson No. 1, 1-14

"The Taino people arrived in the Caribbean islands several thousand years ago. Our ancient ancestral homeland is the South American headwaters of the Orinoco river, the northern coasts, rain forests and the plains of Guyana and Venezuela where our ethnic relatives, the modern Arawak people still live. Our ancestors brought with them the core of that South American forest culture. It tenaciously clung to them in the intonation of their Arawak dialects, the agricultural tradition of yuca cultivation and the manufacture of Casava bread, the style of their pottery.

Our people also brought with them an advanced canoe-building technology. It allowed them to negotiate the treacherous straights between the islands of the Caribbean as they made their way northwest colonizing them one by one.

Once the area of the large islands was reached and colonized our ancestors came under the influence of an ancient and majestic culture that emanated from Mexico and the Central American mainland. Many of the traditions of this culture were new and strange to our ancestors but, although it took a long time, their ways were inexorably changed and enriched by it.

Our ancestors learned to eat maize and chili peppers from these technologically advanced new neighbors. And the Central American neighbors learned to eat yuca from the strange South American newcomers. The cultures of the two peoples remained fundamentally distinct and different but after this encounter each one was enhanced by its contact with the other.
The people of this Mesoamerican region who influenced the ancient Tainos most profoundly were the Mayas of the Yucatan penninsula southeast of Mexico. Maya culture was extremely advanced and they reached a level of spiritual understanding that our Taino ancestors understood was thoroughly enlightened. The Taino ancestors realized that the wisdom of the Mayas was in harmony with the equally profound spirituality that they themselves possessed and so the two people traded and adopted aspects of each other's spirituality and mystical belief just like they did with foods and other cultural exchange. Evidence of Taino cultural characteristics which were obviously borrowed from the Mayas include the well-documented head-elongation custom, use of litters to carry head chiefs, hirearchic stratification of society uncharacteristic to the ancestral South American Arawaks, the Taino ball game of Batey which closely parallels the Maya ball game of Pok a Pok ,and much more.

Modern archeologists are begining to recognize that the interchange of ideas and culture between the Mayas and the Tainos was more extensive than was previously suspected by them.
We in the Caney have always been aware of the intimate connections between the spirituality of the Tainos and the Mayas. Since the 1960's Beike Bo Sobaoko Koromo was inspired by his father to develop a deep respect and admiration for the wisdom of the Mayas, their spiritual mathematics, their magical calendar and their enlightened astronomy. This happened as a result of the fact that it became apparent that a number of Maya indians were kidnapped by the Spanish conquistadores from Yucatan during the grim era of the conquest and were brought as slaves to Cuba. The blood and ethnicity of these Mayas became mixed with that of some of the Tainos that lived in Oriente province where Beike Sobakoko was born. Some of his ancestors are actually Yucatecan Mayas.

Beike Bo Sobaoko Koromo was initiated as a Maya calendar daykeeper in the

mid 1990's and conducts workshops and seminars on the profound message of the Mayan calendar.

The Teaching Center in Verona Pennsylvania

Miguel Sobaoko Koromo (Black Ribs) Sague, founder of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle maintains a teaching center in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania suburb of Verona. This center is associated with his family dwelling and is composed of various indoor and outdoor work spaces. There is a small meditation room inside his home which is used for personal contemplation as well as private consultation, readings and healing ceremonies. There is a modest outdoor area, sorrounded with fencing and tall mature trees that provide great privacy. This outdoor area contains a healing lodge that doubles as a sweat lodge, a large healing hamock in the tradition of Taino and South American Amazon rainforest Indian shamanic healing hamocks. It also contains a small shrine to the two main Taino Indian sacred spirits Yoka Hu and Ata Bey.

Contact Beike Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague(Black Ribs) to schedule personal or group consultation, reading, shamanic healing ritual or teaching session



Ride or Die

(pictured at right- "Tupac Amaru")

Below is an article I wrote two years ago. However, the topic is applicable in regards to the use of iconic images in education. Proper research and study often reveals a history very capable of stirring the attention of the years. Since things are exploited and taken out of context, marketed and drained of there 'value', children often are lost in the whirlwind of images and become clueless of any reality other than what is broadcasted to them. With this in mind, it's no wonder that children often have no regard our real appreciation for 'history' because they have no context in which to understand it. All they know is that it happened a long time ago. The school system is so effective in erasing history, that children often think "slavery" is something that adults made up or that the period of fire hoses, police beatings and attack dogs was in another dimension. There is a necessity in making all ideas practical and relatable to the reality that someone experiences here and now. This is one of the reasons why the Nation of Gods and Earths, despite what some people and media may think, have been successful in perpetuating our message since the 1960's. We have always been in touch with the street and will continue to as long as we continue to teach and add on, showing someone their relationship to everything in existence and everything's relationship to them. It could be compared to a social "theory of relativity". Einstein's theory in layman's terms, so that 'the people' have access to their divine greatness and universal oneness.

Ths following article was written on the 26th of September or the 'wisdom equality' day in our value system, Supreme Mathematics (2= wisdom and 6= equality). As we strive to break things down in there simplest form, for the children to understand, we recognize that 2 + 6 = 8, which represents 'build or destroy'. Las matematicas de hoy es construir o destruir. Which makes the article very relevant. Please enjoy and strive to take what you can from it.

Ride or Die

"Today's mathematics is wisdom equality. Wisdom in the most basic sense is wise words, ways and actions. Equality is universal balance or a reciprocal. Today I was thinking and building about our wisdom and whether or not it brings forth equality. Simply, can someone get something from what you are telling or showing them. Somehow people in this Nation managed to substitute "talking" with the word "building". Not everytime you speak with someone are you "building". To build means to add on to bring forth or make born. If you are building with them then what are you attempting to born. You here people talk about the most assanine of things and tell you they were "building". This is an abuse of our language, Supreme Mathematics. Your wisdom should give them something (equality) to take with them and add on to there lives with (build). However if they left the conversation no better off then when you met them, what was accomplished. This relates to the old saying "if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all." However what your saying doesn't necessarily have to be nice, it has to be intelligent andhave some substance. It's through my wisdom that I dialogue with people and especially the youth, to share things with them. I am able to relate to them on common grounds or interest such as music, movies etc. in order to speak with them constructively about our reality here in the wilderness of North America. Today's degree in the alphabet is Zig Zag Zig meaning "understanding". This is because to effectively communciate, one must be able to travel back and forth (zig zag zig) between various references or examples to allow someone to born an understanding for themselves. Then we take them back to the foundation, the knowledge.

I often speak to the youth about the origin of certains gangs and the political ideas that motivated them. Such as the Crips. For those that don't know the Crips in Los Angeles actually started out as an organization focused on community control and had a strong influence from Bunchy Carter and the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party. After awhile they (the Crips strayed away from civilization). I share this information to show the youth they have an alternative and that they can build to destroy the devil's civilization, with the right focus and direction. Rather than allowing the devil to build while they destroy themselves.

Another topic I touch on with them is Tupac Amaru Shakur (2Pac). Those who have studied his life know of his strong political ideology and influence from his mother's involvement in the Black Panther Party. He reflected it in much of his music. Even a term closely associated with 2Pac and the "westcoast" had it's origin in politics. "Ride or Die!", term used loosely in gang culture and nowadays-Hip Hop, was coined by revolutionary Huey P. Newton, of the Oakland based Black Panthers. He told the people "ride or die!" I tell them BUILD OR BE DESTROYED!!!!

Many youth do not even have knowledge of Tupac's (2Pac) political elements. His mother had named him after a revolutionary, unknown to many. So I share this article about the man Tupac was named after, and offer it as a tool to teach and reach the youth. Educate and uplift.

"Tupac Amaru"

Amaru, Túpac, the last emperor of the Inca people (1571-1572). Túpac Amaru was executed in 1572 in Cusco, Peru, by Spanish colonial officials. He is sometimes known as the Fourth Inca of Vilcabamba, and was the fourth son of the Inca emperor Manco Capac. Túpac Amaru is a symbol of indigenous resistance to Spanish domination, which goes far beyond his importance in the history of the Inca Empire.

The word Inca means "prince" or "king" in the language of the Quechua people of Peru and the name was used by the Spaniards to refer to them. The word Inca also applies to each supreme ruler of that empire, and, broadly, to all subject peoples of the Inca Empire. After the conquest of Cusco and the Inca Empire in 1533, the Spaniards sought to maintain the appearance of an Inca monarchy in order to make it easier to govern Peru. Manco Capac was crowned as the Inca in 1533 by the Spaniards, who assumed he would follow their orders. He governed peacefully for two years but then led a major rebellion against Spanish rule that included a failed attack on Lima and an unsuccessful siege of Cusco. He established a permanent Inca settlement in the province of Vilcabamba, an area about 50 km (about 30 mi) northwest of Cusco along the Urubamba River. After Manco Capac died in 1545, his four sons governed the Inca people in succession. Túpac Amaru, the fourth son, ascended to the throne in 1571. The new Spanish viceroy of Peru, Francisco de Toledo, sought to eliminate the remnants of the Inca Empire that remained in Vilcabamba. In 1572 a column of Spanish soldiers and their Native American allies overran the Vilcabamba empire and captured Túpac Amaru and his followers. He was returned to Cusco, where he was tried and sentenced to death. He was decapitated in the town's central plaza on November 14, 1572, in full view of thousands of Native American and Spanish onlookers.

Túpac Amaru has become a powerful symbol of resistance in Latin America. The 18th-century Peruvian rebel, José Gabriel Condorcanqui adopted the name Túpac Amaru II and led a two-year rebellion in the 1780s against Spanish colonial rule. The Tupamaros, a Uruguayan revolutionary group active in the 1970s, and also the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, a guerrilla group that has been active in Peru since the early 1980s, have both associated their contemporary movements with Túpac Amaru.



Native Celebration In Brooklyn



June 8th - 10th, 2007

Floyd Bennett Field

Gateway National Recreation Area

Brooklyn, NY

Friday Students Day Open to All School Groups from 10AM to 4PM

Gates Open Saturday and Sunday @ 11am to 7pm

GRAND ENTRY Saturday & Sunday 1pm



$10 Adults $5 Kids/Seniors

FREE Kids Under 6

Directions:By Subway: #2 or #5 train to Brooklyn College Flatbush Avenue. Take the Q35 Green Line Bus to Barron Island Marina, PowWow is across the street.

By Car: From Belt Pkwy, Exit 11S-Flatbush Avenue SB - Rockaways. Follow signs to PowWow. (DO NOT CROSS BRIDGE)


Day $$ For Dancers


Host Hotel Golden Gate Inn (718) 743-4000