The Earth: Vegetarianism, Breastfeeding, and Original Women's Health

Paz! Tau!

Continuing on with the issue of indigenous peoples and vegetarianism, I came across a website from the Philippines, Nurturers of the Earth, promoting vegetarianism and breastfeeding. Both of which I feel is integral to raising healthy children. The coalition provides educational workshops for women.

Today’s mathematics is knowledge. La matematic de hoy es ‘conocimiento’. It is the knowledge of proper health and child rearing that will allow us and our women to continue on as the nurturers and healers of our children and communities. That is not to say that a man can’t or shouldn’t, but rather it is important that we promote Earth consciousness or “Eco-consciousness” amongst or women, for the Original woman is the Earth. And by advocating such things as a proper plant-based diet and breastfeeding, we reconnect our women to their natural selves, away from the destruction of the industrialization and exploitation of imperialism. We provide a strong foundation for them to be them within a ethic-less and virtue-less society while acknowledging and cherishing the life that comes through them, as life springs forth this Spring season. After all, “Earth day” is right around the corner. And I will admit, I am not one to set aside special days of observance for things that should be practiced year long. So for me, Earth day is a day to honor and appreciate my Queen, my Earth., as I get to bear witness to her beauty, as life pours through the blossoms of the trees and the flowers.

Please check out “Nurturers of the Earth” below:


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