A 'Taino' Documentary

I found a documentary about nuestra gente, the Tainos. The documentary looks into the history of the Taino people and examines, to a degree, the resurgence in Taino identity in the Caribbean community. While the scientist seems rather skeptical to admit validation of a true modern Taino identity (probably because of the standard set forth by the department heads of his particular, who cut his check) he does brings about a some worth noting- that the Spanish brought Indigenous slaves from other Islands and places around the Caribbean. This means that someone may be from Puerto Rico, Cuba or Jamaica, etc., and have Indigenous blood, but not Taino blood. Especially later, as the French began transporting Native slaves from the Great Lakes area to the Caribbean to sell. It is a shame that, as author Vine Deloria J.R. used to speak on, we allow Western science to be used against us in the same manner as Western religion. We tend to accept things from various fields of science without ever really questioning the motives and agenda of the institutions themselves. The 'lie' is in how scientist claim to approach their research with so much unbiased when in reality they are financed by governments, universities and areas of the private sector to do their work in the first place.

"He likes the Devil because the Devil put fear in him when he was a little boy."- 8th degree, English C. Lesson No. 1

We have been lied to since the earliest age and throughout our lives through the educational institutions, government agencies and media that sought to assume their paternalistic role over us. We were told that the 'Indians' were extinct and taken through a wicked maze of blood quantum propaganda. And generations of children have thus perpetuated myths about our identity, in fear of retribution from our oppressor. However, Amekikia is awakening and the Wilderness of ignorance that stifles our peoples road to peace and happiness will clear. As the light of knowledge is shown on the path of the those who seek it.


Chris Cashman said...

Looks interesting, but I can't find it anywhere -Chicago Pub Library, Amazon, no where. Where can I get this?

Chris Cashman said...

Please email at chicorico70 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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