Racist Disney


Today's mathematics is wisdom wisdom. Today within the Nation of Gods and Earths, we celebrate the physical birthday of our founder and Father, Allah.

Allah dedicated his life to the education and upliftment of children. One of the things said to his sons, Universal Shammgaud- the designer of our National and Universal Flag, was in regards to how careful one must be with the mental food they feed themselves. Especially as children in America, we have been exposed to a lot of images and ideas through television. Allah encouraged us to be careful with the movies we watch because they are filled with "pins", that is, negative ideas. This is especially true with animation or cartoons.

I couldn't help to think about how a lot of people, especially in my generation, grew up on this bullshit. These clips are blatant examples of the racism in Disney cartoons. And if even someone wants to play the "devil's advocate" and defend them by saying, well it was a product of the times. I understand, however, the psychology damage and reprecussions from years of these types of images leave us with scars that you just can't put a band-aid over.

And they wonder where racism is perpetuated and what causes violecne and tension between Original people- black, brown and yellow. It was instilled in us.

Your wisdom is your ways, words and actions. Which, can be influenced by the wisdom of others and affect your culture, or the way that you live. We are taught that other's ways and actions are alien and foreign and to be laughed at and humoured. Not taken seriously. So they take this concepts, culturally biased perspectives, and magnify and exploit them through the vivid imagery of animation. That's "no child left behind" for you right there.


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