"Self": the balance of individual/collective salvation

La matematica de hoy es conocimiento y nacer. El grado en la alfabeto supremo es "Salvador o un mismo".

The concept of "Self Savior", or "Savior or Self" to some, is integral with the development of 'sovereignty'. Not just 'self' sovereign in regards to one's own personal freedom, however 'self' as it relates to the collective entity. The "Self" is a community or collective of individuals who co-exist and interact to bring about desired or indentitied goals, in unison. Knowing and understanding the interdepedence each individual has and responibility to each other to ensure to saftey and productivity of the 'whole'. The balance of the individual self (the "I") and the collective self has been an on going struggle within any group of people. The inability to organize and understand our roles within the collective will prohibit our onward and upward movement. It will continue to lay the groundwork for factionalism and division as people become so saturated by their own ego's that they lose sight of what the people need and want. The ability to distinguish from the the other and balance both in harmony is fundamental and extremely necessary. Why? Because we are our own greatest resource. And only WE, together, can alleviate ourselves from the conditions we face. We can look to no one of no thing to achieve this for us. This can not and never will be achieved by praying to some astral-omnipotent concept of Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, of the Great Spirit. People have kept their heads to the clouds and theirs asses in 'hell', as their search for 'deliverance from evil' was only to be compliement by the continous death and destruction of their brothers and sisters. This mentality instilled a lack of responsibility for direct action and democracy and contributed to the on going state of oppression that persists.

"Would you set up home and wait for a mystery God to bring you food?"

"Emphatically NO!"

The ancestors aren't going to give you freedom. The spirits aren't going to carry you to autonomy. They haven't yet and may people have been searching for that/those so-called "mystery God" and Gods/Goddesses/Spirits for trillions of years and were unable to find that/those types of powers or forces in the universe. It is our intelligence and life that activates the qualities and attributes of our ancestors, already inherent within us. However, your awakened thought has to interact with these dormant elements in order for them to be manifest. There is no such thing as 'magic'. Only mathematics.

We can not seek salvation in any percieved 'higher authority' other than our own selves and intelligence. Not through religion or even government. We can never allow ourselves to think that economic negotiations with the one's who've attempted to destroy us are not going to resolve our issues or return us to our plight. To place so much allegiance and reliance in such an entity as the United States are nothing more than pipe dreams and 'white flag' assimilationists attitudes. They (the U.S.) has proven themselves not willing to grant reparations or uphold any treaties. And government grant money is no better than 'welfare' because of the dependancy that is involved. George (Bush) giveth and Bush taketh away.....whenever they feel like it. Within the history of the Nation of Gods and Earths, Allah exhibited how one should deal with the goverment, to be assertivie and cooperative so long as the government treats the people right. He obtained our school, the Allah School in Mecca, for us from the Urban League through Barry Gottherer (Mayor John Lindsay's aid) and the city of New York. The city gave us the building and the Urban League provided teachers so that Allah could establish an alternative education programs for the babies in the street, to ensure that they would receive an education and have the opportunity to attend college or trade school and obtain employment. So that they could 'build' and make the country strong, and eventually we would be qualified to take over. Allah gave us the chance to save ourselves.

John Lindsay gave us the building on the condition of a $1 a month (rent) for 99 years. A "treaty" we still fight to hold on to and make the city honor. However, throughout the years the city has worked diligently to remove us from our land so that they could build a museum over our school. And no, we don't own the deeds to the building. The Nation of Gods and Earths was birthed in the streets of Harlem which makes Harlem our home, our MECCA. Allah never seized the deeds to the building because it is in my opinion that it was a starting point for us, to have 'something'. Yet, it was not meant for us to be 'renting' for ever. It is/was up to us to follow through and make the reality complete by doing what needs to be done to secure land so that we may continue to build. It was up to us to pull our own weight. this is true for all Original people around the planet. We must pull our own weight.

In order for the "WE" to be mobilize each individual have to save their individual selves. They have to take the reins in their own growth and development and qualify themselves as the "salvation" of the people. To salvage means to save, to cherish or "preserve". Being the salvation of the people or 'saving' the colletive 'self' means struggling to perserve the identity of the people, their culture. To maintain it for those who wish to accept and receive it. Yet, to give something to someone, you must yourself possess it. This is why must clean themselves up before attempting to aid others in their deeds. You have to have reclaimed the culture for yourself and internalized it before for can extent it to others, otherwise the transferance of knowledge, wisdom and understanding will not be whole or complete. It will be empty and leave nothing for the person to grasp on to. All across the planet, Original people are struggling to perserve their 'selves'. And we will continue to advocate and encourage solidarity and inter-activism especially amongst the Indigenous communities in the wilderness and jungles of the Americas, the diaspora of Native and so-called Latin Americans.

Palante Siempre!

and keep it simple, teach it real.....

For Native Americans, Defense of National Culture means Survival

Havana, jun 14 (Prensa Latina) Dennis J. Banks, a legend of the native Americans movement, affirms the Congress on Culture and Development being held in Cuba "is all about what we have struggled for".

He is content to know persons of many countries who think alike and feel committed to achieving the same goals," says this member of the US delegation to the Congress on Culture and Development, in session at the Havana Convention Center.

"My people has struggled since 1492 in defense of our national identity and the preservation of our culture", said Banks in an interview for Prensa Latina News Agency.

"The life of our people has been full of difficulties, police brutality and the sinister attempt of erasing our culture by separating our children at a very young age from their parents in order to instill in them a culture that was not their own," said Banks.

For 11 years the new generations of Indians were given another education, in an effort to alienate them from their indigenous traditions and national identity and this went on for centuries.

For Banks life was no different, he recalls suffering police brutality, incarceration. He served in the Air Force and returned to his reservation in northern Minnesota by the end of the 60s.

He then started in 1968 the foundation of the native Americans´ movement for their rights to non discrimination, work, decent living conditions, the land, as well as medical and education services that were denied them by one Administration after another.

"Our people took to the streets, supported by other sectors, in demand of decent living conditions and the legal recovery of rights given the indigenous by treaties signed by our chiefs decades before, giving them the right to the land, to clinics, schools and the right to hunting and fishing," says the Indian leader in his quiet and deep voice.

For those reasons we were very critical of US governments and its institutions. They retaliated in many ways, raiding our communities, sending us to jail, beating us, but this only brought about our unity and a steadfast position against corruption in the reservations, remembered Banks.

Then, in February of 1973, the American Indian Movement and the Lakota Nation made a final stand for native rights with a siege at Wounded Knee, the same place where a massacre of native Indians by US soldiers had taken place in 1890.

Witness and participant in the siege of 1973, Banks affirms the government not only deployed 300 FBI agents and 90 Federal Marshals, but also used 35 tanks to intimidate the protesters who withstood the siege for 71 days, while international solidarity support to the native Americans mounted.

Banks was incarcerated at the end of the siege at Wounded Knee. He was charged with 16 felony counts and faced a sentence of up to 200 years plus a life sentence.

The trial dragged on for nine months, but the Federal Judge in charge of the case became aware of the injustice committed and dismissed the charges against the defendants due to the biased evidence presented by the FBI and the abuse of power of the authorities.

More than 60 indigenous were killed in the 70s. Their sacrifice, however, was not in vain, says Banks. The police stopped unwarranted arrests, native Americans have been allowed to raise crops, to hunt and fish, besides creating their own curr¡culum in schools in order to recover their cultural heritage.

"It´s necessary to conserve our identity and national culture at all costs, as this is the only way to save our heritage," he explained.

The indigenous leader advanced that he now prepares the trip of a group to Venezuela next October, to give their appreciation to President Hugo Chavez and the people of Venezuela for having sent them heating fuel when they most needed it last winter.

As for Cuba, Banks has been here four times, met Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on his first visit, when he was part of a delegation led by writer Alice Walker in the 90s, making a lasting impression on him.

But Washington has made him pay for his friendship with Cuba, as Banks like many other visitors from the United States was fined for traveling to the island, sanction that is part of a blockade imposed by the US almost half a century ago.

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