Who's White & Who's Not

The following is a political cartoon that appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, concerning the United States' imperial, colonial and illegal acquistion of the Philipines, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Ladero Islands (Guam) and Hawaii. This is another example of what the ruling class majority think of Original people. We all look alike. And while we are all one- brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers of civilization, the idea and portrayl of us as little 'pickininnies' is extremely degrading. However, it goes to show that to white people, 'we are all black'. Even if we don't think so ourselves. As comedian Paul Mooney has said : "White people know who's white and who's a nigga......"
Never forget...the World Health Organization only recognizes two categories of people, white and non-white.
The Original man.....and then there's the 'Colored' man. In older dictionaries one can find a very pertinent definition for 'colored'- that which was altered, tampered with or distorted from it's original state. By this definition and what we know from history and science, the black, brown and yellow people are the Original inhabits of the planet Earth. The white man is a human being that has been distorted from the origins of humanity and taken away from any clear understanding of his relationship to the universe. This term they used for us, and not just for so-called African Americans. Even in the late 1800's and early 1900's, in California, Philipinos (Pinoy) were referred to as 'niggas' and white women who dated Pinoy or Mexican men were called 'nigga lovers'. The state used to have strict segregation laws regarding bi-racial relationships.
Know your history....

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