Strong Medicine: Coca and Bolivian Rights

I am an herbalist. I do not advocate taking prescription/manufactured/chemical medications. I am all natural. I have chosen this path to compliment my vegetarian dietary guidelines. I seek out wholistic methods of healing myself, as our people have done for millions of years. My children are not vaccinated, and will never be unless they decide to travel abroad. Oh, and let me add on by saying that I work at a pharmacy so I am vary away of the politics of the 'drug game'. I know what's in these medications, what they do to you and how they are aggressively marketed as a 'need' within the capitalist hell we currently occupy. So who wan fi test I ?

There is no difference between Heroine and Lorazepam. They both have very similar effects and consequences on the body. Once you start taking Lorazepam you can not stop, it's clinical proven. You will experienced deep psychosis and suicidal thoughts. Accutane, a very popular acne medication, is known to cause suicidal tendencies in teenagers. The manufacturer was actually sued a couple years ago, so they changed one ingredient and re-released the drug on the market and call it 'Amnesteem'. You want to rid yourself of acne? Develop some discipline, stop eating pork, refined white flour and sugar, take some apple cidar vinegar daily, wash your face or area thoroughly with some natural soap, Dr. Bronner's for myself. And apply some shea butter to your skin afterwards. You'll be fine. However, since we live in a microwaved society, we want our 'cake and eat it too.' We don't want to take responsibility for ourselves and our families and would rather let someone else do it. We want to eat what we want and still 'look' thin, so we get gastric bypass surgery. Instead of commiting ourselves to a more healthful diet and excercise. and please don't give me that 'basura' about 'metabolism'. It's a small percentage of people that have that kind of condition. However, we would rather pop an aspirin than sniff an orange peel or sip some peppermint tea for our headache. So out of touch with nature an the universe.

We have used plants, herbs and roots for years. Even the ones that Europeans exploited in their 'great paper chase', such as cannabis sativa, coca, peyote etc. Peyote, a traditional medicine from the Peyote cactus, is where white people derived 'mescaline' from. Heroine comes from the 'poppy seed', think not, try eating a poppy seed bagel before you take your next urine test and see if you pass. Cocaine comes from the coca leaf, sacred to many Indigenous peoples in South America. The Quechua peoples (commonly referred to as the 'Inca') used to chew extensively and the coca leaf actually has anti-bacterial and anti-cavity properties that ward off and prevent tooth decay. Thus tooth decay was not common amongst the Inca, especially since they didn't eat refined flour and sugar either. When these substances are in their 'NATURAL' state they are very beneficial and medicinal. When you process them and isolate the active chemical from it's natural source then the resulting substance becomes 'toxic' to the body and is then a 'drug'. This is what Europeans did in an effort to increase the strength of it and ultimately market it while demanding high profits. As if the substance could still be useful when it has no connection to it's origin. We used to smoke tobacco. Englishman Sir Walter Raleigh got a hold of it and took it to Europe where they started to 'snort' the tobbaco because it was absorbed faster through the nasal cavity. Damn, we like to have a good time. But white people party hard.....We used to drink cacahuatl (chocolate) with chiles', cayenne, very stimulating to the body, brain and mind. Some European 'nuns' got a hold of it, dumping 'milk' and 'sugar' in it to make 'hot chocolate'. They were hooked, got Europe hooked and then Europe attempted to hook other people. They lower the amount of actual cacao in it, increased the sugar and milk content and bam! So when kids eat 'chocolate' they are really high off of the refined processed white sugar in it. We have drank wine, beer and other fermented drinks for years, all over the planet earth, from Africa to Asia to Amekikia (Taino word for Turtle Island, what we now call 'America'). Europeans developed a method called 'distilling' which processed the grains to the point of totality removed the ethanol from it. Thus, hard liquor and the advent of alcoholism. This proved to be devastating for Native peoples. Hard liquor is very different from wines and beers and has proven so. I can understand why they called it 'fire water'. I didn't just keep us in a drunken stuppor while we attempted to trade with them. It was so toxic that it caused and still causes great damage to the frontal lobe and prohibiting clarity in speech, mental awareness and coordination.

Europeans many times attempted to do good with their little chemical inventions. Coca syrup was used as a remedy for toothaches and coughs. The 'feeling' it produced became more popular amongst the U.S. and European public. They combined the Kola nut from Africa and it's stimulating properties and called the product "Coca Cola". Eventually, they lessened the amount of the active ingredients in those herbal concentrates and added a lot of sugar and there you have it. Now, our people are attempting to recover their rights. Tthe corporate monsters have made millions of dollars off of a product that they stole and exploited from the Original people. And now we are reclaiming what is ours. Ya Basta!

Please check out this article about the people of Bolivia and their demands against the Coca-Cola corporation. I pciked up this article a week ago and forgot where I got it from. However....the information is right and exact never the less. You may research for yourself.

Bolivia move to protect coca name

"International firms like Coca-Cola may have to stop using the word coca in brand names if Bolivia's coca leaf farmers get their way.

The growers say the leaf is part of Bolivia's cultural heritage and merits protection like regional products such as champagne and feta cheese.

A resolution by the farmers has been endorsed by a panel that is helping to rewrite Bolivia's constitution.

Coca-Cola said in a statement its name is protected under Bolivian law.
'Mild stimulant'

The resolution put to the Coca Committee of the Constitutional Assembly called the "millennium-old coca plant" a "tangible, cultural heritage" and a "bioenergetic, strategic, renewable, economic, natural resource".

It demanded that "international companies that include in their commercial name the name of coca (example: Coca Cola) refrain from using the name of the sacred leaf in their products."
The panel also called on the UN to decriminalise coca.

The coca leaf is a mild stimulant that Bolivians have used for centuries to reduce altitude sickness and feelings of hunger.

Bolivia's indigenous people also use the leaves in religious ceremonies.

President Evo Morales is a former coca leaf farmer and is pressing the UN to allow Bolivia to export products such as tea, toothpaste and liquor made from coca.

A representative of the Coca Committee, Margarita Teran, said she was dismayed that Coca-Cola could sell its soft drinks worldwide while Bolivia was barred from exporting products made with coca.

Coca-Cola released a statement saying their trademark was "the most valuable and recognised brand in the world" and was protected under Bolivian law. "

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