"Tribu De Shabazz"

Peace! Paz!

I wanted to send love and support to Rasheed Allah and the Gods down in Mexico City. As we in the North watch and hear about whats taking place in Aztlan/Mexico through the government corruption, poverty and drug-violence- those brothers are walking the streets with it. This is no easy path and I want to commend those brothers for elevating themselves and seeking to be the “founders” (21st degree, 1-40) of a Nation cipher in Master Equality Known (MEX).The Earth belongs to the Original man, every square inch, so it is beautiful to see the Original man reclaiming what is his. And for those who may not be that conscious of so-called Latino culture and life, doing so is a struggle as it is anywhere else- but especially in the face of such concentrated control and influence of the Church, and the predominance of European cultural elements like 'swine'. Our people take more pride in 'pork' than our brothers and sisters in the southern U.S. states, not to mention that they don’t see themselves as one with them.We have been locked into a prison of behaviorism that continues to errode our very being and we have been bound by traditions that were imposed upon us. So it is a tremendous initiative to undertake, taking a stance in opposition of the identify we have been conditioned with. We may underestimate the pedagogy and strategy needed to reach our people outside of the U.S. For those that have, you understand the difficulties not present here in the United States.

Support your Nation! Support independent Hip-Hop!

The Gods in Mexico City are releasing a new mixtape this month, featuring various emcees from Mexico. The mixtape is entitled “Tribu De Shabazz” (“Tribe of Shabazz“) and features some music from yours truly- Sha-King Allah. It is available, along with t-shirts, at: myspace.com/supremese7en

Paz a los Dioses!

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