African Prescence in the Americas?



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May 2 - 16, 2009
Special Feature: The Ivan Van Sertima Symposium
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It is accurate to say of the Americas that, not only did Columbus come late, but that African people had a profound presence long before the beginning of the trans-Atlantic trade in captured Africans.

The first civilization of ancient America is called the Olmec. It was located along the Mexican Gulf Coast and began almost four thousand years ago. The most significant artistic representations reflecting the presence of Africans in the ancient Americas are to be found among the Olmec. At least seventeen enormous stone heads, weighing from ten to forty tons each, have been revealed in Olmec sites along the Mexican Gulf Coast. Many of them can be viewed today in Mexico's many museums. One of the first European-American scientists to comment on the Olmec heads, archaeologist Mathew Stirling, described their facial features as "amazingly Negroid."

There has also been demonstrated an African presence in ancient Mexico's other great civilizations, particularly among the Maya but also the Aztec and the Totonac. And, of course, we have those African communities in Mexico as the result of enslavement itself.
In early May 2009, I am returning to Mexico to see the Olmec and I want you to come with me. The US dollar is strong in Mexico, you don't need a visa to enter the country, you don't have to take any shots, and the flight from Houston to Mexico City is less than five hours.
We will visit many of Mexico's most important archaeological sites, view a lot of artifacts (particularly the colossal Olmec heads), see some beautiful countryside, meet some friendly people, visit some African named towns, partake in some cultural activities, and do a little shopping.

And to cap off the trip we plan to have a bit of a symposium to discuss the African presence in Mexico from the most remotes times and summarize the highlights of the trip. We will call it the Ivan Van Sertima Symposium.

If this sounds exciting to you, if you always wanted to go to Mexico but did not want to go alone, if you are in search of the African presence in the Americas before slavery, if you like museums and ancient ruins, if you enjoy traveling the world with like-minded people, if you want a unique travel experience, then I request that you block out the time, save your money, and make your plans. I promise you a unique travel experience and a trip that you will absolutely cherish.

Tour Features Include:
Roundtrip Economy Airfare (from Houston)Roundtrip Airport Transfers Accommodation 4-, 5-Star hotels Breakfast & Dinner Daily (Pre-selected)Welcome Dinner / Reception Farewell Dinner / Reception"Meet-the-People" Activity Cultural & Educational Activities Visiting the Cities of:Vera Cruz, Xalapa, Villahermosa, Bonampak, Palenque Visit Numerous Ancient Ruins Museums Markets for Shopping Luggage TagsTravel Bag Information Kit and much more.....

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