"Thanks-taking" and Imprisoning Disingenuous Commemorations of Benevolence

The Kites in 13 Bars
Imprisoning Disingenuous Commemorations of Benevolence

By Sunez Allah, courtesy of Lavoe Revolt (http://www.lavoerevolt.blogspot.com/)

I form rhymes in alphabet soup
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

It is that We be ‘softer than the flower, where kindness is concerned; Stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake.’ The nature of these coming rains, they distill the eloquence of proper protest in actualization we must make. We, the 2 million, once prepared our roasting with a shared feast by funneling the fumes of squalor. Something like the moments where the diving petals of our Iris Germania tend to scour the Earth for a savior prior to their loller. This harvest festival like none other, where livelihood was unclothed with poisoned blankets, turkeys stuffed while infants snuffed commence the inauguration of unbonded words of treaty decorate coming banquets.

A scholar of much repute but little merit uttered that “these holidays say much less about who we really were in some specific Then, than about who we want to be in an ever changing Now.” Another dollar to rebuke is the only way to cherish with honor what has fluttered. The wholly Ways only the sincere may sense, shaped around those who have suffered from a horrific heathen. The end of truth can only provoke an ever exchanging How? for an endlessly decadent now.

From the rhythm of the spoon, I transform the loop
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

The fashion of American protest is often the makings of clever concession. Time and again, we underwhelmingly reason with someone using the weaponry of oppression in the most worthy of manners. It is those immense few who realize that the nature of the supreme self is mathematical and the way of life is filled with these equations. These equations allow us to plot moments as patterns, with a special some that we may all commemorate with unique remembrance. These calendars have come to be labeled by our rulers and the flow of our mindset is mapped.

It is the great pressure of the popular pattern that adhere us to follow. So when pilgrim lore proliferates, bellies promote emptiness and the mind feigns fullness. That we have had enough of the idea of our peoples’ dead and gone; rather, I will eat and eat with thanks and praises as a Roman in his Yuletide. Yet the season of the heathen feast ends in fleeting moments where we are thankful our slaughter has been postponed. That our masters did not slay every last man, woman and child. Our annual productivity has once again spelled our captors as to our successful assimilation.

Yet, it is only the truth of oppression that can provoke the plots of liberation. Any living moment of man must never perish in memory without the lesson learnt.

With the steam of the bowl I make the special effects
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

When the fires of awareness warm the mind, the dangers of ancestral anguish begin to dissipate into the solutions of understanding in one’s culture. To supremely prepare a feast with neither grain nor vegetable, vegan meat or tofu sweet is the fast of great statement. To turn the popular pattern of celebration with a contrasting sum of refusal gives one the forum of change. That we see the refusal to partake as the opportunity to create an actualization of what must be learned, allows us to share an enlightening truth and rejuvenate ourselves through reaffirmation.
From the rebellious statements of Cesar Chavez’ to the preparation unto the sweatlodge, the supreme Way effects change in the special embrace of non-doing.

Add a dash of spice, only God can detect
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

The people will gather their belongings of necessities and treasures, mercifully account for necessary relations and finally remunerate loved ones with priceless tenderness. As they thank the mysteries assigned for their givings, the knowing 5% left must see the Way prescribed.
There is no mysterious Being, energy or force that merits appreciation and that the culture of today is based on the understanding of yesterday. For the tomorrow that arrives must be a personal making of our powerful equality where the One as All see equanimously. Our cipher divine becomes such with our own endeavoring and every idea, action and insight matters.

Got a word to make a bear return to his cub
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

Share. The nature of all creation is the relationship of sharing. As we create, our creations inspire us. The reality of the Creator is sharing, the balance of giving and receiving. To offer thanks in such unassuming fashion, we slowly forgo the awareness that allows sharing to produce life. The simple belief of a better today dishonors tomorrow with such unfounded specters of hope. It is this inhibition to share the truth that has turned a natural state into an undesired responsibility of duty. A duty that provokes little more than assimilated survival in the children.

A word that make a girl come home from a club
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

Love. The relationship of supreme understanding that makes a home the nest of ideas. It turns recreation of satiety into the procreation of elevation. The possibility of revelation of purpose in every action becomes the way of life. No longer is it a militant act to rebuke commemorating the tales of past falsely told; rather, it is an embrace of equations personally calculated with fear of reprisal dissipating. What may be written in the time of feasting to fill our minds? How much beatitude fills the Earth when the words of what truly once was engage the dialogue of what can be?

A word that make a demon return back to God
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

Enlightenment, the endless accumulation and adherence of truths. It is a state that is only recognized with the awareness of mere survival’s ineptitude in shaping supreme beings. That the society that has passed through these Gregorian calendars doesn’t pattern a civilization. That the awareness of a greater civilization can provoke the righteousness of act for that greatest civilization forthcoming. And that the weakness provoked by fear and complacency has allowed wickedness to be unrecognized. The few that take the forum of truth on a day of assimilated reckoning step closer to the return to their essence. The death of mysterious cause with the answer of Self for all things first.

And the word that help Dorothy get home from Oz
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

Perfection. The world of corruption is but a magic show of illusion. Most hope to walk the path toward riches and wear the yellow robe of understanding. But can gold be alchemized to melanin? Without mistakes, the enlightened compose and perform the way of lessons to their children. How else can our ciphers zig zag zig and fulfill this endless path?

Thirty frames per second, these films we be reflecting
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

Turkeys gobbled and stuffing excreted until another special undertaking we follow. If the slaves continue to merrily move each season, what plantation does not seem incredible?
Today, knowledge shared is a passive aggressive act. The truth is offered to us as a challenge of its own merits. ‘We killed them all. So what?’ For it to become wisdom, we must involve it in a superior pattern where insight is the possibility offered to our young. These little deeds of non-involvement, active refusal, cherished non-doing, dynamically embrace the films to pass on.

Scenes of light put through all projection
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

Illusion may direct dissatisfaction into immense action. However, awareness of illusion can provoke satisfaction into the action of questioning. It is not enough to know a truth and say it has no power. We must learn to give the truth a forum and allow it the ease of comprehension to all. In this, the most virtuous reality is not the imposing of a war but offering the choice of peace, the absence of confusion.

Electricity, connectivity
RZA – “Life Is A Movie

The intensity of the truth is measured by the conveyance of sincerity and the virtue of its usefulness to all at the right moment. We have sought the simple ways of obedience to connect us all. Yet there is no spark of our nature in this. There is only the fantastical utopia of infinite tolerance where all is accepted yet nothing is understood.

Audio and visually,”
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

Actualization makes an idea seen and heard. In a society of forums offered with control, what is seen and heard is enjoyed but rarely discerned. To merely feast and thank the heavens for family’s continued survival is the most important medium of sharing lost. Does not the world look to the Supreme Nation for guidance, the Supreme Nation look to it’s Greatest societies to be well builders, these Great Societies to build up families of virtue, these Virtuous Families to instruct enlightened children?

Physically and mentally
RZA – “Life Is A Movie”

We will have some meal during Thanksgiving. It will slowly shape and mold us. This act of Thanksgiving will continue until the film rolls true and we direct our own future. Clearly, our principles are at stake. Whom must make rain, hail, snow and earthquakes if not my family Allah?


Carmen said...

Peace to my God. You continue to inspire my own creation and expansion of your understanding. I was right there with you, doing the same things we did in honoring our Native original ancestors.

Peace to the Gods,
Earth Allat.

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