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Let the truth be told and let it continue to be manifested by those he do not fear persecution by those who seek to distort and destroy it. Although I do not think Barack Obama is going to be the 'savior' to Original people here in the United States, I do think he's winning of the presidency would do wonders for the self-esteem and motivation of people of color. Which, honestly, is something that the elite in power do not want and will not tolerate. All the more reason why WE have to continue to educate ourselves and mobilize, progessing our involvement and participation in the devil's 'poli-tricks'. We can not allow our 'hopes' and aspirations be dependant upon one person. Otherwise we will not succeed. This is why Allah, the founder of the Nation of Gods and Earths, did not want to be 'worshipped', despite what many may think due to his naming himself "Allah". That was not his purpose nor aim. He simply, came to the self-realization and actualization of who HE was and lived it out irregardless to what other's may have thought. He didn't teach us to be followers, but leaders in our own right. He knew, that with any organization or movement (political or cultural), if the head was taken off, the body would fall....And within the days and times we live within, calling out the reality of America's racist undertones is deemed un-patriotic. A perpsective manufactured by the elite in power and the media, in our to quell any uprising or opposition to the the government. They are attempting to sell this perspective to the people and many buy it, unfortunately. Except those who experience it and live it. And those peope of color who DO buy it are the one's who are attempting to steer clear or conflict, out of FEAR. Uncle Tom's, Uncle Tonto's, Uncle Tomas', and Uncle Tang's...

Ecuador's president says U.S. too racist to elect Obama

QUITO, Ecuador – The United States is too racist to elect Barack Obama president, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa says.

Correa, who studied in the U.S., told local news media late Wednesday that he “knows American society” and that Obama rival Hillary Clinton is more likely to defeat the Republican nominee, John McCain.

Advertisement“They're still quite racist there,” the leftist leader said.
Correa complimented Clinton, calling her a “very brilliant, beautiful and charismatic woman,” but said Obama's positions are closer to his own. Clinton and Obama are battling it out for the Democratic nomination.

U.S. relations with Latin America will change “drastically” if a Democrat is elected in November, Ecuador's president said.

“Both could be extraordinary candidates because they represent a break” from current President George W. Bush, but a Democratic presidency is “far from certain,” Correa said.

Correa, 44, said he was “completely opposed” to McCain's positions, but suggested that his campaign was quite strong.

“He's a Vietnam war hero who doesn't have the wear and tear from powerful rivals in the primaries,” like the eventual Democratic candidate, Correa said.

Correa – an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez – obtained his doctorate in economics from the University of Illinois, where he studied from the late 1990s until 2001.

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