Racism in "Espana"

Las matematicas de hoy es "sabeduria y compremiendo". Wisdom is one’s wise words, ways, and actions. It is through our ways, words, and actions that we display our understanding, that is, our perspective of the world (how we see things). It is in our words and actions that we have long exhibited the subconscious (and probably even consciously) year to be like our oppressor. Plain and simple. The people of the lands of so-called Latin America, North and South, have a color complex. Many of us still think that “white is right”. We continue to link our reality back to a population and culture who are un-alike us, simply because of language, religion, and certain elements of tradition. Many of us think that we are “Spanish”. From the article below, one can see how we are viewed by Spaniards. Not all. But many I’m sure. So in reality, our words, ways, and actions aren’t as wise as the should be. They are full of confliction and conviction as our words and actions reflect the yearn to be like someone else. Someone whom we are not. And this is not understanding. It is a misunderstanding. It is how we wish to be viewed by the world so as to be accepted in a “white man’s world”. That is, since “black” and “color” are so despised by those overwhelmed by the mindset and institutions of white supremacy. And ultimately, this predictament hinders our ability to effectively control our own lives.
It makes me think of mi Tia, and her attempt to hide who she was when she first came to this country. She would front and tell people she was from "Argentina" despite the strong indigenous features that compliment her face. My Queen was even shocked to see huge paintings of "matadores" in mi Ti Ti's living room. Such a sharp contrast from who she blatantly is. In the words of Nation and Gods and Earths Elder, Abu Shahid, "Know who you is so you know who you ain't, so you can stop imitating a people who've spent years imitating you!"

Viva America Indigena!

Quito, Oct 23 (Prensa Latina) Ecuadorean Government, media and people in general showed indignation on Tuesday for a violent aggression against a 16-year old Ecuadorean girl in Spain.

Foreign Minister Maria Fernanda Espionsa, who is in Madrid, lodged a firm protest before Spanish authorities for the attack suffered by the Ecuadorean teen in the Barcelona subway.

In remarks made public by phone, Espinosa said to have received orders from President Rafael Correa to meet with the young girl and offer her legal support.

Espinosa said to have made representations to the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Spain for the cowardly attack and for the release of the perpetrator by a judge.

We strongly reject this brutal aggression to our country people and demand actions to guarantee security of foreigners, who are exposed to cases like this, of an aggressive, racist nature, said Ecuador's top diplomat.

Local media in Ecuador described the attack as brutal and xenophobic and showed video images of the deplorable violent incident.

Residents of Quito expressed their concern for an increase in racist violence in Spain and other European nations and rejected this attack against their peer.

I think the Spanish Government must find an exemplary punishment so that actions like this do cannot happen again, said Jorge Penafiel.

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Lateef said...

I know I'm about a year late here...but thanks for bringing light to this - I wrote about it and posted the videos last year as well HERE