Boriken's Anti-Military Stance

Puerto Ricans against Military Recruitment in Schools

San Juan, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) Sectors from the Puerto Rican society will start a campaign next week against military recruitment in schools to enter the US Army, said activists from the Independentista Party of Puerto Rico (PIP) Monday.

PIP militants will visit higher education centers to talk to the students and teachers about their right to demand from the Puerto Rican Education Minister their personal data should not be given to recruitment officials.

US authorities use that information to persuade the students to join the US Army.
Recent polls show that Latinos have a greater rate of dead people in Iraq than other sectors of the US population.

Edwin Irizarry Mora, candidate to Governor for PIP, said that 74 Puerto Ricans have died in Iraq.

"How many more Puerto Rican lives are going to be sacrificed, fulfilling the tribute of blood by the colony?," he asked finally.

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