Useful Land

"How much useful land is used by the Original Man? Ans: The Original man uses 23 million square miles."- 7th degree, Student Enrollment 1-10

The above mentioned question and answer is one of the first that a person learns upon entering into their study of the '120 degrees' of the Nation of Gods and Earths. the the number in and of itself is derived from a 1933 estimatation, it remains a generalization of the area of land that is actually being occupied by the Original man across the planet. The focus is to not argue the actual amount used b-u-t the symbolized ascribes in understanding the 'degree'.

We know and understand that the entire planet Earth belongs to the Original man in all his shades and glory. We also know and understand that we chose to settle certain areas and regions based on how we assessed the value of the land in regards to our survival. We also know and understand that the Original woman is the Earth and is the Original man's greatest natural resource outside of his bond with his brothers (his 'self'). In the model of universal order, the sun, moon and stars we draw parallels with the structure of the family, which is man, woman and child. And ultimately from both of these we can witness the principles of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

The man is the foundation for life and the order of his family. While the woman is the backbone, the man is the brain. His role in the social context is not much different from that of the Sun in our solar system. The woman expresses the duality (2, which in Supreme Mathematics is 'wisdom') of her nature in the sisterly relationship of the moon and the earth, really the same being (since the moon broke away from the earth). Both celestial bodies reflect the light of the sun as the woman reflects the light of knowledge and guidance of her foundation, her Sun, onto the growing 'seeds' or children. The children, both he and her, are symbolic to the 'stars'. Their position in the vastness of space represents the vastness of possibility and of the future. As our sun is a star, so each male children may grow to expand and create a 'solar system' of his own. Each daughter will become the Earth rotating and revolving around the supreme magnetic of the Sun, as the word 'planet' simply means 'wandering star', from the greek origin of the word.
The '23' in '23 million square miles' represents the Original man's immediate family, his woman and child. This is how he furthers his physicial reality on the planet and where one can begin to bear witness to his 'power' (2+3=5). A man with powerful ideas will be just that. However, once a man is able to transmit his ideas in a practical manner, usuaully in the form of a family, teachings said ideas to his mate who in turn embraces, embodies and excercises this upon the children through education, we can see the further extent of his mental power. The devil kows and understands this and has thus fought for our land for hundreds and thousands of years. In many ways, the systems and institutions of the western world that have been established to uphold the status quo of this 'civilization' reflect this through the tireless efforts made are controlling and influencing our women and children. The dollar coin commemorative of Sacajawea and child expresses this very actually and symbolically. They are pictured on a piece of currency, which symbolizes the value and the 'commodity' of the Original woman and child for the exploitation and enrichment of 'white culture'. It's all based in money. Capitalism.

The coin is a reminder of Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine, the westward expanison of the U.S. by Lewis and Clark through Sacajawea. It represents to determined oppression of Original people by the U.S. government. She was their guide, and in many ways she could be viewed as a traitor, the "Eve" that flirted with the 'snake' in the garden. However the issue is more with the brazeness of this government to flaunt such images in our faces and pockets. It is a reminder that in this system of government your family, your woman and child are dispensable and can be brought and sold for a price. Although many times we just aren't aware of what that price is due to the deception and greed of those that set the prices and print the money. It is a reminder, of the struggle to maintain a positive and healthy family in the face of stressful work schedules, inflation and the myriad forms of drama we face in our daily struggle to 'BE' in a world that insists that we 'CAN'T'.


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