Doctors, Nurses, the Pill and Puerto Rico

In these days and times, many Americans (as well as people elsewhere) shudder at the thought of "terrorism" and "terrorist's attack". One of the most frightful ways an attack could be executed is biologically, one would think. The term "biological warfare" has been used to label everything from Anthrax to Aids.

What many do not understand is that biological warfare has been waged against Original/Indigenous people from the earliest of contact with Europeans. For the sake of time, I will simply render such incidents as the keystones in the founding of the "New World" and the good ol' U. S. of A.

The Europeans that came to this continent had military advantage, not because of superior artillery. It was because the populations of Native peoples here were decimated by disease. The contact alone spread diseases that the Indians had no natural immunity for. Not to mention that disease was consciously used as a "weapon of mass destruction." Colonists handed out blankets infected with smallpox to the Original Nation, with thousands succumbing to it. Original women were raped only to be sent back to their families with syphilis, gonorrhea etc. Beasteality (sex with animals) by the Europeans brought about many diseases. Women did not often accompany the conquistadores as they sought gold and riches. The men would often times have intercourse with the animals on board the ships. Such as sheep and cattle. Which was brought along as a means of living for times in the "New World."

One would have a strong arguement considering the diseases that afflict society nowadays, charging them as being biological warfare. An example would definitely be the birth control pill and the campaign against the procreation of black, brown and yellow people.

The birth control pill has it's beginnings with colonialism and the Europeans drive to control and oppress people of color both, at home and abroad. Wars have been fought over religion and land. The land as being the woman and a necessity in gaining authority over a people. If you control the woman, you control the destiny of the people, because you've affected their ability to procreate. That's one reason why whitemen would take African and Indian wives, as a means to gain access to the resources of the tribe/nation, or gain authority, as in marrying a princess or chief's daughter. The oppressors prescence in the country of rulership is vital. This is most often the role of the military in that land. It serves as an undeniable prescence of number and aggression.

Soldiers in colonial empires, as with many empires, were full time and expected to serve the empire for the entire lifetime. This of course, resulted in the "need" for the soldier (in this case the European soldier) to engage in whatever sexual offers available. In colonial India, the British soldier would frequent Indian brothels, many times contracting and bringing back venereal diseases. This alarmed the British authorities who later passed the British Contagious Disease Acts of 1863. The BCD Acts were established to regulate prostitutes through medical examination, registration (weekly) and the quarantining of women in designated neighborhoods or areas of the military base. This is similiar to what is mentioned in the wisdom build or destroy degree in the 1-40: the doctor was to examine all who were to be married. "Public Health" offices were established to execute these examinations (the "minister" or "ad-minister") and the statistics they recorded gave them leadway to cause further divisions; first was with women who were clean and who weren't, then into race, class, district, city etc. Through this and with these statistics they were able to institute systematic control over the people. A system which spread from empire to empire, Imperial power to Imperial power.

Gonorrhea and Syphilis are debilitating diseases, that more than often if left untreated cause sterilization. This affected the white way of life. So the policy was changed by shortening military service and adapting a blatant "profamily" policy to usher soldiers into family life. As well, soldiers often abandoned family expectations for a life of vice with an Original woman. So the "profamily" view was also to prevent race mixing. These policies gave the state power to intrude into personal lives: setting standards on how to have sex, with who etc. Ultimately shaping a peoples view of themselves.

The state sanctioning of vice to suit the needs of the soldiers was very controversial. Yet it was their logic and way of restraining whitemen from "raping Original women." The interesting thing is that once the Indian women were appropriated for the British soldiers, they were not allowed to engage in sexual intercourse with Indian men ever again. The Indian men would be incarcerated if caught.

The same type of regulation policy was adopted by the U.S. with it's acquistion of the Philipines, Cuba and Puerto Rico after the Spanish American War. In San Juan, P.R., prostitutes were medically examined weekly and registered, often carrying a card showing that they have been through such and was deemed "clean". This was the U.S. policy abroad, not domestically, with the exception of towns, cities, or districts near, around or frequented by the U.S. military. The general domestic policy was anti-prostitution and they (prostitutes) were scooped up and imprisoned, within the United states. Yet abroad, whitemen were expected to plunder the richness of the land and everything it had to offer. The policies and results of the examinations helped foster the stereotypical idea of Latin sexuality and Tropical women, particularly as infectious. After 1918, the year Puerto Rican's were given citizenship (really just so they could be used to fight in World War I) harsh regulation came down on Puerto Rico and the island was subjected to domestic policies.

Prior, many Puerto Rican women were employed as housemaids and nurses, occupations thought to be opportune for transmitting venereal diseases. When in actuality the promiscuity of the white husbands is what introduced the disease into the home. Thus, stricter policies to outlaw prostitution, as to protect the women and children. Not just Norte Americano women and children, b-u-t Puerto Rican women and children as well. The regulation policies became viewed as a way of "civilizing" the lustful islanders, saving them from themselves. After 1918, prostitutes and women thought to be prostitutes were imprisoned and routinely exposed to painful medical examinations and experiments.

Pressure from the public to release the prisoners and do away with the policies, a Nationalist push, caused the colonial authorities to react by cutting the food supply to the bear minimal needed for survival. a means of torturing the imprisoned women.

It was customary for the working class to have common law marriages. This was repulsive to the government who espoused Western/American values. The authorities involved the Church, playing into the values of the Puerto Rican people. The Church along with the colonial authorities demanded men and women to marry, especially men entering into the military. Often times they threatened them with imprisonment or no insurance for their mates/domestic partners. Here we see the reality of religion's influence and the role of the minister in the wisdom build or destroy degree: the minister who only marry those who were unalike.

The Social workers and the women's religious organizations that worked to enforce the adoption of Western sexual practices, carried the role of the nurses. They travelled from town to town, home to home, and talked and attempted to persuade people into using the "pill." Clearly they were sticking "pins" in the heads of the young mothers and fathers. The birth control pill was designed by a team commissioned by Proctor and Gamble. The long term use of this device cause a sterilization of nearly 1/3 the island's population of women. It has been linked to a number of other medical conditioned which were contributed to by the pill. In this day and time our young daughters and sisters are being taught not how to be responsible sexually b-u-t how to kill off our people.

And the cremators, the military who is in charge of cracking down and arresting violators of this law. At the same time the beneficiaries of the law in the scheme of the colonial system.

The doctors worked ever so harder to "find cures" for the illness (the people). They continue to form opinions which pass for medical fact, and influence governmental policy.

How does all of the above affect us as the Nation of Gods and Earths? We must continue to define and manifest our reality in spite of mainsream America. Issues like : no birth control, no government marriages, no vaccinations, polygyny etc should have a more defined scope within our Nation. This is so we can provide the greatest environment to continue our generations mentally and physically. This is something that may be embarked upon by those ciphers who have Health Initiatives set up in their areas. We can come together and agree as we did when we said there was no mystery God.


(the above article is a repost from 4/28/06 www.yellowseed.blogspot.com)

Below is an article that I have reposted from www.uctp.blogspot.com, the United Confederation of Taino Peoples-

Human experimentation in Puerto Rico*

The following is taken from "In the Name of Science, A history of secret programs, medical research and experimentation" by Andrew Goliszek published in 2003:

"...corroborated by witnesses involved in the experiments, the Rockefeller Institute, founded in 1901 to study the science of medicine and to develop an understanding of the nature and causes of disease... sponsored a cancer research project using healthy Puerto Rican citizens... unwitting human subjects were deliberately injected with cancer cells... to see how humans develop cancer... Dr. Cornelius Rhoades (who conducted the experiments)when asked why he chose Puerto Ricans to conduct the research stated flatly, 'The Puerto Ricans are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to to inhabit this spphere'. Despite the resulting cancer deaths and blatant racism, Dr. Rhoades was lauded for his research."

It is inconceivable that experiments similar to this are still being condoned all over the world. Governments are polluting not only the atmosphere but our bodies as well.

Save the Trees - Save the World

--------*UCTP Taino News Editor’s Note: The above entry notes a case of actual “human experimentation in Puerto Rico” with concern to the injection of cancer cells into human subjects who were unaware of the “experiment”. This is not the first time “human experimantaion" has been conducted on the People of Puerto Rico.

Considering that indigenous Taino ancestry is traditionally traced via the mother’s linage, it is important to note that Puerto Rican women have specifically been targeted within population control policies. Beginning in the late thirties, privately funded foundations based in the United States, and later, the Puerto Rican government, with U.S. government funds, promoted sterilization programs developed by the ‘Eugenics Board” under the guise of “limiting population growth”.

By the the 1950s, large numbers of Puerto Rican women were forcibly sterilized unknowingly or thinking they were undertaking a simple reversible procedure. Women factory workers were given time off to attend appointments in clinics, which were located within the very factories where they were employed. Social workers were encouraged to promote this program “door to door” by making home visits. By 1974, 35 percent of Puerto Rican women of child-bearing age - some 200,000 women - were permanently sterilized. By 1980, Puerto Rico had the highest per-capita rate of sterilization among women in the world. From the 1950s through 1980, Puerto Rico was also used as a testing ground for birth control pills while they were under development. Pills twenty times stronger than the ones used today were tested on Puerto Rican women.

Today, "human experimentation" in Puerto Rico continues as daily experiments are conducted on genetically modified plants where there is little regulation, oversight or accountability. Puerto Rico is host to more GM food experiments per square mile than any U.S. state except Hawaii. Located on a small island with a civilian population, the U.S. military bases on Vieques, which were used as a testing site for weapons should also be considered within the context of “humanexperimentation” on the Puerto Rican People.

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